SMARC at the Zurich Crypto Summit 28th March

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We are excited to attend the #CryptoSummit in #Zurich! Check out Nico Ros ICO pitch at the Investment Track at 11.30 am or meet him and the team directly at the conference; joined by our advisors Marc Bettinger @altcoindad, Oliver Bussmann @obussmann and our Marketing and Community Managager Vanessa Warncke @vantasticsworld.

The Zurich Crypto Summit 2018 is to be considered one of the top 10 events in the cryptosphere. For more information on the event and/or the location click here

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this is really a nice information hope after the summit bull run will start

We also hope for better market conditions in the short term.

How about in long run

In the long run is taken for granted.

thank you for your sharing but i try to visit this link but link not open pr.jpg

Sorry for that some extra character leaked into the link, please check if it's working now.

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Good information sharing i will try

thanks for the news, this kind of meeting is really very helpful.

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Every day the project @smartcontainers develops and grows! You can see the well-coordinated work of the team! #CryptoSummit

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