Meet Actor Christopher James Baker from our new TV Series

in blockchain •  last year  (edited)

The new TV series I'm producing, "Hard Fork", is going amazingly well. Here's a sneaky behind-the-scenes of a writing session for the series.
I meet lead actor Christopher James Baker ("Ozark") for the first time, and chat to director Doug Karr who updates me on what's been going on since I last interviewed him at Steemfest Lisbon!

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Who knew creating Crypto-Noir Science Fiction could be so crazy fun!?!


exactly! :)

Amazing vid Naomi, so much fun to hang out and work on this series together!


thanks for letting me bring a camera to the writing session!!

You've done such a wonderful job @skycorridors. We are so incredibly lucky to have you on the HardFork Series team. I'm sorry our paths didn't cross when I was in New York in January. Thanks for all you're doing! Great work @dougkarr and @bakerchristopher!


Yeah really sorry not to see you!! Hopefully next time you're in town our schedules will align!!

Loved meeting @dougkarr and @ericvancewalton at SteemFest and really looking forward to seeing the trailer!


Thanks for being part of all the excitement!!


Yes of course!
My pleasure!

I'm loving the excitement building for this series and excited to see all the new developments as they unfold. Great video @skycorridors--I'm glad you're sharing the progress.


Thanks for watching!!

Since @hardforkseries doesn't seem to be active yet, I'm now following you. :)

Best of luck with the series!


Oh! It's @hardfork-series, confusing I know!


would be wise to edit it on the post so people can click and go find it.


good catch, changed!


Got it now.

1st one is the best one!!
its too good!!

it is a excellent movie,i can not explain in a sentence.

very good, with a well-known sutrara, who interviews beautiful girls. thank you already share @skycorridors @ jhoni will follow you continue, and will be present for you, although late, because in the activity

Thank you for this, I love watching behind the scenes as this develops. Such a fantastic crew!