France and Germany ban Libra: what's next, and why msm coverage of crypto needs to change

in blockchain •  last month 

This week France and Germany agreed to block Facebook's Libra.
They said in a joint statement: “no private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations”

What does this mean for the project moving forward?
And why is so much of the mainstream media coverage of the blockchain industry still so terrible?

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They should.

Why does facebook try to have their dirty hands at every new innovation.

I am happy they did. ( facebook already makes billions from social media aps and yet they have very bad reputation for privacy) we don't need more!.

Apart from that, the libra coin was not inovative new idea but only a facebooks way to get into tge crypto world.

I am rather waiting for telegram's TON. That looks a better option.

The more people challenging the idea that govt is the only entity that can create money, the better