Tired of losing your crypto wealth? SKARA offers highest demand among altcoins!

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With the crypto market heading back towards 2017 levels, investors are wondering: should I cash out at a loss? Or should I invest in ICOs and hope for a very long term return?

The SKARA Token (SKRT) is the solution to all these problems.

Since the main use of most cryptos is speculative, when Bitcoin goes down, many others follow.

SKRTs are different.

Unlike tokens for yet-to-be-built platforms, SKRTs are sustained by a fast growing community of more than 350k video game players that will be purchasing in-game assets in a soon-to-be legendary eSports title. That means that the demand for SKRT won’t be affected by market sentiment, since gamers don’t know (or care) much about crypto and are used to purchase virtual currencies inside their favorite games.

This is happening from day 1 in our upcoming Beta of Skara — The Blade Remains on the 8th of February (yes this Thursday!) as SKRT will be the only way to purchase premium items in Skara.

Around 8% of free-to-play gamers buy virtual currency, and we plan to hit 3 million players by the end of 2018. That is an estimated 240k players buying and selling SKRT in the secondary market.

Since the prize of SKRT is pegged to the ETH this is the time to buy, so don’t miss out and join our presale: https://www.skaratoken.com/contributors

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