The wait is nearly over to try SKARA’s BETA

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SKARA, The Blade Remains has been in development since 2013.

During the majority of that time it has been in what is called Alpha, the earliest functioning prototype version that is still playable.

In that basic state, the game has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from around the world, who have had a massive impact on how the game has grown and changed.

One of those players is called Stez.

“I am one of the top players, ranked the highest total score ever, founder/player of the team called Silent Monkeys which is also the current top team (that won the last tournament),” he explained. “Skara is probably the perfect game for everyone that loves playing games against others that are focused on skill matchups.”

Stez compares Skara favorably to the other free-to-play games out there.

“It’s not at all like the typical “unbalanced” or “depending on picks” or “pay2win” games that usually are free to play games have,” he said. “Skara is quite unique in its genre!”

Since Stez is a longtime player and committed community member, he got to see the Beta version before everyone else.

“Balance is on point, the new models look even better, the map update made that icy looking map look extremly nice. The Visual and acoustic effects were pretty awesome as well… not many games rework animations.”

But for Stez the precision came from the action side.

“The fighting felt better — there were only a few bugs and that was on an unpolished version of the game.”

The more polished version will be available February 8.

“We’ve had a major team of QA Testers besides members of the community going over every part of the game,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “We still have some work to do, but it is definitely ready to enter the world fresh.”

The BETA will not be the only new thing about SKARA franchise.

Besides a hot new game, SKARA will feature a new type of cryptocurrency, the SKARAT.

“We uploaded the smart contract literally yesterday,” said SKARA CTO Victor Moreno. “We were happy to get it back with two thumbs up from the auditors. It will be a new experience for some players, but only if they are into crypto like Ethereum. For everyone else it will be like nothing changed.”

The SKARATs are going on sale officially February 8, but most of the tokens have already been spoken for in the pre-sale.

That’s good news for the team, since the ICO will help finish funding development of the game.

“We have big plans,” said SKARA Co-founder Cesar Ortega. “Soon we will have everything we need to achieve them.”

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