Skara's official update

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Token sale announced

The SKARA Team is going from strength to strength as the token sale nears.

One thing we have been working on is ironing out our smart contract to ensure it is perfectly aligned with the interests of our player community and other stakeholders, and it is implemented with the utmost care for security, including the involvement of several technology partners and a third party contract auditor, to ensure the lowest risk of any issues.

Introducing scarcity to our economy

To do this the right way we have to make certain that tokens are available in the game at all times, and that the potentially volatile nature of their value doesn’t impact gameplay.

Everything we do is about creating the most engaging, innovative universe for you to play in. And a universe ravaged with war among our 5 cultures, should have scarce resources at the heart of it, and that is why we have decided to implement a token burn.

For any operation with SKARATs inside the game, those SKARATs first need to be purchased from the market and parked in the SKARA - The Blade Remains’ Wallet.

But importantly, every game-to-player operation with SKARATs leads to 50% of the tokens being burned, which decreases the total supply of SKARATs and increases the market value of each individual SKARAT.

Therefore, for the SKARAT holders, the gain in value lies in the potential increase of SKARATs price on the market from the constant demand from players and other cryptocurrency buyers.

Allowing players to just play

We anticipate a substantial growth in the volume of in-game trade immediate after beta release which will simultaneously lead to SKARATs getting more valuable, and to a subsequent revenue increase for the game and anyone holding SKARATs.

Therefore, we, as the creators of the game, are just as motivated to boost SKARAT turnover and their market value as the token holders.

Other updates

The Skara ICO can now be seen on ICO Bench. We are immensely proud of our 4.3 ICO profile, and look forward to more interactions with the community.

We also had a great chat about video games and ICOs in the startup van! We talked through all the concepts that inspired us along this journey.

Check it out.

On the studio side, we are happy to add a new team of Quality Assurance (QA) game testers. This team consists of four, all highly respected players from our area. They will be focusing on the Beta release of the multiplayer game, which is slated for January 23, 2018--just around the corner!

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