SKARA ready to go Feb 8

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With the launch of its token sale and the beta version of its award winning multiplayer game just 6 days away, SKARA studio leads declare everything in order.

“We are enjoying the amount of attention, although I am not sleeping much because of all the chatter,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “Telegram never sleeps.”

Most game developers have spent the last weeks hunting for bugs and fixing them, by doing what they love--playing SKARA.

“It is difficult to imagine this is a job,” said SKARA QA tester Jordi. “But it is.”

The SKARA Token Sale has also witnessed an explosion of interest from investors all around the world, many of them gamers excited to try a game with a cryptocurrency for the first time.

Cesar Ortega, Co-founder of SKARA, who also oversees the ICO, estimates the sale shall be well oversubscribed.

“We are now reviewing the pre-sale list to make sure we include community members who may have offered lower amounts,” he said. “And we invite anyone in that category to join in ASAP. When the tokens are already sold, unfortunately we can do very little about that.”

SKARA also returned to Youtube last week:

Finally, see Ortega take the stage in Amsterdam to explain what SKARA is up to:


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