Skara preps the launchpad

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The SKARA project is making progress on all fronts.

The beta launch of SKARA, The Blade Remains on February 8 is only a few days away. The SKARAT token sale, which launches at the same time, also takes place on February 8.

Demand for SKARATs during the pre-sale continues to be enthusiastic. Every day new investors are signing up for their spot on the pre-sale list and joining our Telegram channel to discuss the project. Someone is covering this channel 24/7, so please feel free to join in.

Last week, an article about SKARA was published in The Merkle, titled Skara Token Sale Pioneers New Video Games & eSports Business Model

We have also been on an ICO talk show, called appropriately ICO Talk.

Check it out!

People love our solution. We came upon this video about our ICO:

“It looks like something I would love to get my feet wet with,” said Nerdy Dude Stuff host Oprious. “Technology is coming together. I give it two nerdy thumbs up!”

As our ICO pre-sale wraps up and the actual sale begins, we look at the development of our project.

On that front, the biggest news for next week is the official release of the debut novel SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns.

The book is in Spanish and can be purchased wherever books are sold. Translations will be available beginning in Q3 2018.

More about SKARA, The Time of the Two Suns

Author Pablo Rodríguez Valero

Editor Martinez Roca


Release Date: 23/01/2018

EAN 978–8427044012

ISBN 9788427044012

Kindle Version

Translations will be available beginning in Q3 2018.

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