SKARA finalises Multiplayer Beta as Feb 8 release date approaches

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The development for the next version of the team-based action game SKARA, The Blade Remains has now officially closed as SKARA prepares for a simultaneous token sale, novel release, and game launch on February 8.

“We need the next four weeks to polish content and fix bugs,” said SKARA CEO Pablo Rodriguez. “What we have achieved with this new build of SKARA continues to impress everyone who sets eyes on it.”

The latest build will include a new arena, tons of new cosmetics, and a lot of changes in the combat system after months of iterating different versions with our testers and a small group of veteran players who have helped us out in the fine tuning of thousand of small details, where fraction of second change in one of the attacks can literally unbalance the whole gameplay.

“I think players will enjoy the new look and feel of the combat the most,” said SKARA project manager Marc Boulesteix. “It involves a frenzy that is hard to describe.”

Besides all these small details including new animations for all the attacks and combos, the Beta will also have some new combat mechanics such as feints.

There will be also some surprises in both the gameplay and the meta-game, but we prefer to save some surprises for players to discover.

But there is one change that is on its way which is worth mentioning: Players will also get to try using a cryptocurrency inside a game.

“For players that don’t want to know anything about it, nothing will be different,” explained Rodriguez. “But for the curious players, there will be much to explore, new ways to buy sell and trade their favorite assets and items... it will almost be a game around the game. We plan to learn and grow with the community in this exciting technology.”
Finally, SKARA will celebrate the release of the debut novel, SKARA--Time of the Two Suns.

Rodriguez, the author, remains mysterious about the story.

“I invite people to read it first,” he said. “And not judge a book by its cover.”

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