The System Layers of Edenchain

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The blockchain networks are spreading all over the world and a number of organizations are offering their service adopting newer techniques. Edenchai is the blockchain based platform that can be used for blockchain smart contracts to capitalize on tangible and intangible assets. The values of these assets will emphasize in the process of tokenization.

Execution Layer

The Execution Layer executes the process and verifies the transactions providing the important functions for the smart contracts in order to run through the Eden Platform. The transactions should be used for updating the data in the distributed ledger of Edenchain. This layer provides;

  • The Trusted Execution Environment or TEE where the transaction can be protected safely from the data extortion or data forgery by the attacks of hacking. It will have the transactions and the key logic that includes the smart contracts and its execution in the TEE.

  • The Transaction Executing Schedule or TES of Execution Layers specifies the transactions so that it can be executed specifying the nodes. Even this system is much important with some technical factors and it will have some effects on the performance to show some different processing of performances within the same computation of resources. These resources highly depend on the execution and management of the transactions. The system also includes the Ethereum Virtual Machine for running smart contracts as it is written in Solidity. The transactions are being executed through the smart contracts run on Ethereum of the Execution layer for the EVM.

Ethereum Virtual Machine

The smart contracts of Etehreum have several users that have been used in many blockchain projects. These demonstrate the stability and functionality of the projects. This will be developing a unique language or system for the smart contracts by the leverages of Edenchain Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM. It has the permission blockchain for the increase of accessibility towards the Eden smart contracts and will create a variety of smart contracts instead.

Bridge Layer


The Bridge Layer is another important technical element that differentiates the Edenchain from other blockchains and it guarantees zero-knowledge for the trusted connectivity among the on-chain and off-chain system. The smart contracts of Ethereum interact with the external system by the use of Oracle without any guarantee of trustworthiness of data from the external sources.

This will establish the realization of smart contract-based programmable economy wherever it is necessary for securing a trusted connectivity. It will facilitate the blockchain and external systems to secure the functional activity despite the threats of being hacked. The trusted connectivity will be secured enough by the possibility of expanding functions to interact within the systems and to automate various services.

The composition of Bridge Layer

This layer is been composed through the on-chain module to interact with the smart contract and will enable the off-chain module. This will have the interaction with the external system and the modules can interact for networking among the on-chain and off-chain modules.

The on-chain module will serve as the gateway to respond through the external data requests along with the on-chain module. This will have the access in the actual external system through the verification of the data selecting a specific value to transmit the on-chain module. The on-chain and off-chain models are located through the different networks by the configuration of networks where it will have the communication of secured and exchangeable data.

The focus of Edenchain is to solve technical issues and to elevate the performance of the entire networking by the protection from external hackers.

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