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It is difficult to imagine how our society would have developed if the old ways of communication had not been replaced by new ones. I think that there are no people in the world who would regret the convenience of communication with their relatives and friends, which we have today. If we talk about my own beliefs, I am delighted that I can at any convenient time of day or night, call or write a message to my mother or sister, a friend from Ukraine and find out how they are doing? And for this I do not need to wait long for an answer in the mail, as the Internet works wonders.



But as they say, the medal always has two sides, good and bad. And the subject with the exchange of messages is no exception. You all probably remember the recent incident that happened with FACEBOOK. Namely the one when there was a massive leak of personal data of its users. Of course, in a short time they froze the conflict, but the problem is this independently decided not to. Because no existing centralized platform for the exchange of messages does not protect its user from the leak of personal data. And all because all the data is stored on one Central service. This means that with any system failure, or hacking, people will be able to suffer again from the negligence of the developers of a messenger.

A new decentralized project called TOK intends to eliminate all the problems in the messaging industry.


About the project

TOK is a decentralized chat application of a new level, which has a multi-faceted level of building functions and built-in tools. The presence of which involves a wide range of user communications with his family, friends and colleagues. Of course, in addition to the classic functions, like any other messenger TOK has additional built-in functions that include a cryptocurrency wallet and many other things necessary for professional purposes. It is easy to include: and conducting webinars; and various functions that help to determine the location of an object; as well as various currency transfers and other amenities.


Peculiar properties

The convenience of the TOK application is that it is a pleasure to register in it. The only thing you have to do is to install on your smartphone the appropriate application for your operating system (Android, iOS or Windows). After that, go through an easy registration, specifying your basic information (Name, phone, email address and other data necessary to create a full account).

Then you have full access to:

  • audio broadcasts;
  • vidio broadcasts;
  • peer-to-peer chats;
  • webinars;
  • Bulletin Board;
  • video conferences;
  • to geo-tagging and other TOK tools of the app.



All these facilities are not created by chance. First, nowadays there are almost 4 billion people who use ordinary mobile messages. That's plenty. Considering the total number of people on our Planet. Therefore, the topic of security, efficiency and transparency is more urgent than ever. That is why Tok developers decided that it is time for the world to demonstrate new high-tech tools, the use of which will not only qualitatively improve the communication of all people, but also protect them all from pressing centralized problems.

I think to consider more clearly all the advantages of the application TOK, will help you the next slide (see figure):



To be honest, looking at the official website of this project, I was very pleased with the not a small list of possible exchanges, which are planned to produce a listing of their own coins, the developers of the application TOK. Therefore, dear friends, do not miss your chance. Study the project in more detail, delve into the essence of the project and analyze the features described in it, more consciously. After all, who knows, and suddenly in the near future it will become the leading application in the world.


But let's not forget that my reviews are only for informational purposes and do not call you to anything! Therefore, only you are responsible for your actions or their absence! That's it for me today, probably all. I was glad for you to be useful and up to new meetings.


Official resources of the TOK project:


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I think that the idea of the project in case of successful implementation will be very popular in the crypto industry

Take into consideration. The project deserves a more detailed study on my part!

Undoubtedly the project is worthy of attention and it needs to be studied in more detail!

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