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PAYERA is a multifunctional payment platform. The developers have set themselves the primary task-to make the platform simple and easy to use. And this vision affects all their decisions and approaches to the project.

The project PAYERA


PAYERA team, in order to provide the largest number of users in the world, decided to focus on the simplicity and ease of use, security and multi-functionality.

Knowing that buyers want secure purchases, including refunds, and sellers hope to gain a foothold in the cryptocurrency market and increase their turnover, PAYERA provides THEM with such opportunities.

In case of a conflict of interest between the seller and the buyer, the platform has a chat where the parties can come to an agreement. If this fails, it is possible to invite independent arbitrators. At the same time, the guilty party pays 1% of the cost of the disputed goods for their work.

If necessary, PAYERA conducts its own investigation and returns the amount not within 4 or more weeks, but in one day.

The system consists of three modules:




PAYERA is a payment platform that includes a wallet and a cryptocurrency exchange service.

The user can make purchases in online stores on the platform and then all the data of these transactions are protected by PAYERA. In case of purchase on external, in relation to the system, resources — the project can not provide data protection.

Payment for goods or services can be made in any cryptocurrency that is available in the wallet listing. The conversion takes place inside the wallet and is free. In the future, this listing will be introduced and Fiat money.

The developers decided to introduce into the project and an important social component — charity. They have created an internal charity Fund on the platform, which will be automatically replenished by a certain percentage of the commissions for PAYERA services.



SHOPERA is an online store platform.
In just a few clicks (including authorization) the seller will be able to place an ad for the sale. On the SHOPERA can be sold both new and used goods. All sellers have accounts: trading companies-business accounts, and individuals — private accounts.

Private traders selling less than 10 items per month do not pay the Commission to the platform. But if they have to implement more items, they can pay the fee or go to a business account.

Trading companies can choose which cryptocurrency to accept payment. It is also possible to list Fiat.

Buyers evaluate sellers. A high place in the ranking gives some advantages, such as reduced commissions and instant payments.

PAYERA takes the smallest payment for their services in comparison with other platforms — the 1% vs 2.9% -5%.



CARDERA is a payment card tied to the wallet of a PAYERA platform member.
Using this card, the buyer performs all the same actions as with a conventional plastic card. He can even withdraw Fiat money from ATMs.



Customer personal data will be stored in encrypted form on distributed servers. Information encrypted using the private keys of users, thus the users will be able to dispose of it.

No data is transferred to third parties for storage or other purposes.

Token PERA and ICO

The PERA token is an internal utilitarian token of the platform. It conforms to the ERC-233 created for the Casper Protocol Ethereum.

Now there is a stage of preliminary sale of tokens. It started on may 30, 2018. 20.06.2018 the main sale will start. All details can be found on the official website of the project.



PAYERA looks very interesting for all the declared characteristics. It is especially attractive internal free convert cryptocurrencies into Fiat. Using CARDERA also adds benefits to the project.

In the form in which the SHOPERA is implemented, the ease of use and payment plays an important role. This is what the system gives to its users.

All additional information about the PAYERA project can be found in the official sources:



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Very promising idea!

The rating system among buyers will help very much in future purchases, well done, thought all the details

It is convenient that there will be a card to pay for purchases and withdraw money

Free exchange of cryptocurrencies with instant withdrawal-it will be the coolest feature of this platform

It looks like an ordinary trading platform, but has many additional features. With pleasure I will use

An interesting idea, I'm sure this platform will be popular

Great review of the project, thank you very much for the information

1% Commission is a good enough indicator in comparison with other platforms