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Did you know that the gambling industry is so popular that its turnover increases by almost 14% every year?! If not, then read my article to the end to find out about the most interesting online gambling platform called KingCasino. But before I begin to introduce you to the world's first licensed cryptographic platform for online games, I want to talk about the existing problems in this industry. Since probably many of you have already encountered them more than once in the course of their games.

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So, it is no secret that the sphere of gambling involves risks and other hardships. Nevertheless, people annually prove the fact that this topic is extremely interesting to them, and given the current state of things in the world with progressive coronavirus. The offline casino is slowly but surely coming to naught. That is why now is the perfect time to get as deep as possible into the world of online games.

  • But as I said, in its classic form, that is, not a decentralized version. The gambling world is experiencing a number of problems related to illegality, dishonesty of winnings, problems with withdrawing winning funds, and many other troubles. Each of these problems in one way or another undermines the player's confidence in such online services.

Which in turn is extremely sad, because there are more reliable and high-quality resources that do not have all these shortcomings. And as you have already understood, our current project called KingCasino offers to break this vicious circle of existing problems.

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About the project and its features.

And it is not for nothing, since KingCasino is The world's first licensed online casino based on decentralized Blockchain technology. This, in turn, allows the entire team of KingCasino founders to conduct their activities in front of their partners and players not only legally, but also as reliably, transparently, and safely as possible. And this I want to tell you is almost the most important indicators in our time.

  • However, the presence of a decentralized framework expressed by the Ethereum Protocol is not the only feature of KingCasino. After all, its platform is ready to show each of us a collection of the most popular gambling games, from blackjack to poker and more than 1000 high-quality slot machines.

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To be honest, in addition to having fun, users can become part of a large company called KingCasino by purchasing internal tokens of the system on their wallet. Thanks to which, according to the founders of the project, users will be able to receive up to 45% of profits by actively participating in the partner program available from KingCasino.

At the same time, all holders of internal tokens will receive an additional pleasant bonus, since they will receive so-called dividends on a quarterly basis, for keeping KCT coins on their balance.

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As for the internal token, as you remember, I have already mentioned the fact that the token will be based on the Ethereum Protocol, and thus comply with the ERC20 standard. The total amount of delivery of KCT coins will be 130,000,000 coins, where only 69,500,000 tokens will be allocated for sales. With an initial cost of 1 KCT coin from $0.5 up to $1, depending on the stage of a particular round.

  • Despite the fact that the total amount of coins delivered is quite small, the development team made an additional decision that allows them to once again stimulate the growth of the value of their coins by burning them quarterly. That is, every quarter, developers will burn up to 5% of their KCT tokens from all coins wagered in the online casino. Which I think is a good enough decision.

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Of course, in order for you to appreciate the KingCasino gaming platform, you will need very few words from me. After all, in fact, my entire review was only preparing you to offer you a deeper acquaintance with the project by means of its technical document and all social and official resources. Links to which you will find under the description of this article.

  • As for my opinion about KingCasino, I am pleased to know that the team of specialists involved in the development of this gaming platform has tried to improve the relationship between the system and its user to the maximum. Thus eliminating the most important problems inherent in this industry, as well as introducing the most modern technologies. Thanks to which players can not only play, but also win in the most honest way, while also becoming part of a large affiliate program.

At the same time, let me remind you that my articles are only informative and do not call you to any action. Therefore, only you have the right to decide how to act and how to use the information I have described above. And with that, I thank you for your attention and for reading my article to the end. Therefore, I will be happy to receive your feedback in the form of a comment.

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Official resources of the project:


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