Ispolink is the World's First Matchmaking Job Platform leveraging Blockchain and AI technology

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I don't know if you agree with me or not, but for me, it's hard to imagine a person without a job. I really do not remember who said such a phrase, but its essence was "that only through work, a person can achieve heights and know this world". That is why the topic of employment has been, is and will be relevant for more than a dozen generations. After all, through work, a person is able to show some of their talents and be useful to the whole society. After all, as it is also sung in some very popular song "all work is important, all work is necessary".

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However, as you have already noticed, our society is being transformed from year to year, and what was relevant, for example, 10 years ago is already outdated and useless. Therefore, some professions come to shift to other professions. And as you may have noticed, a lot of professions can be conducted remotely and online. But whatever it was before you start working, you first need to find it.

  • And this, as practice shows, is still a problem. After all, a person often spends too much time searching for it, starting from viewing vacancies, ending with numerous registrations on various job search sites.

Our current project intends to solve this problem. Which, in fact, I want to tell you about now. And it is called Ispolink.

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About the project and its features

But before I begin to describe its characteristics and capabilities, I will say right away – this is a platform based on the synthesis of modern Blockchain technology and machine learning. Thanks to which, the developers of Ispolink managed to achieve the most convenient to use, simple, fast and reliable assistant for every participant in the modern world, regardless of whether they are looking for a job or are ready to provide it.

  • That is, Ispolink is ready to show us a simple and easy-to-use working interface, providing the ability to pay for all built-in services using internal cryptocurrency, as well as make the most of machine learning to select the best candidate for your business. I also draw your attention to the fact that The Ispolink token itself is developed on the basis of the Ethereum Protocol and meets the ERC20 standard.

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In this case, you will get instant feedback and you will no longer need to experience a bad service experience and stress due to a long wait for a response from the employer. Moreover, the developed page customization processes allow you to fill out your resume in a fairly short time, taking into account the most important indicators.

  • Moreover, within the available features on the Ispolink platform, you have a unique opportunity to create a video resume, which will significantly allow you not only to stand out from your competitors, but also to make an additional impression on employers.

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But in addition to all this, the benefits will be gained not only by users themselves who are looking for work, but also by employers who are looking for talented and responsible employees to join their team. Moreover, Ispolink will allow them to significantly reduce all their expenses. After all, as far as you know, the search for a worthy employee is also an extremely long process for entrepreneurs. Not taking into account the secondary costs associated with advertising, paying for various tests, and many other things.

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As for my opinion, I believe that the Ispolink platform is ready to make a qualitative revolution in the way that employers communicate with their future employees. Using state-of-the-art technologies to improve the quality of communication and speed of processing all operations. At the same time, as you understand, the built-in blockchain technology is able to make all transactions quickly, efficiently and most importantly transparently. Excluding such a fact as family ties, nepotism and other indulgences.

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  • Which I think is extremely important these days, because we all know that many people who hold certain positions are not there by right. And there are more worthy, talented and most importantly professional cadres who are ready to maximize their potential in the name of developing a particular business, organization or enterprise.

Therefore, I sincerely wish Ispolink and its entire founding team success in development. If you are interested in getting to know the platform in more detail, I invite you to take a look at the next section of my article. Where I have prepared all the official social resources especially for you.

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Official Ispolink resources:


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