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I am sure many of you will agree with me that our society is on the verge of new discoveries. Where process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Blockchain technology have transformed our daily lives step by step, implementing their tools in a qualitative way.


As far as we all know, despite the fact that we live in a high-tech world, there is still a very serious problem in society. Namely, the social stratification of the poor and the rich. And this is provided that the resources on our planet are more than enough for everyone to live amicably and happily.

  • But to do this, it is necessary to change the existing structure of conducting the processes we are familiar with, namely, to make them generally available, and not to give the right to vote to a group of politicians, managers of corporations and other monopolists in a particular area. Of which the total number does not exceed 2000 thousand people, while more than 4.6 billion people are below the poverty line.

Our current project, the concept of which I suggest you to consider, and it is called Geoma DAO, intends to eliminate this injustice.

About the project

To make it easier for you to understand, the DAO is a decentralized Autonomous organization. Which does not belong to any state in the world, company or organization, which automatically removes from it the shackles of the pyramid management system. Where power and control are concentrated within a narrow category of people. This will not be the case in Geoma DAO, which is why its entire architecture and features will directly depend on the participants of this structure, transforming our entire financial and social economy.

  • After all, the main task of Geoma DAO is to develop the well-being and well-being of every person on our Planet, through the collective management of all existing processes. Reaching a single consensus by voting for certain changes. This kind of approach will create a completely new and unique economic model, through which all of us will be able to significantly improve our entire health, energy, insurance and agricultural industries. Which in themselves are the fundamental elements of a decent life for a modern person.

I think you will agree with me, because we all want to live in harmony with both the environment and the social environment. When we have the opportunity to eat high-quality and natural food, and not this periodic table, which is clogged our supermarket shelves. At the same time, we will receive decent medical care, thanks to which we will be sure of the proper state of our health. As well as using other energy resources at an affordable price and without harm to our entire environment.

What is actually evidenced by the first part of the name of this project Geoma DAO where GEO is the Earth, and MA management.

Features and benefits

To become a part of Geoma DAO, you only need to contribute to the development of the entire ecosystem, after which you will automatically have access to the voting process during which certain decisions regarding the discussed processes will be made. Moreover, as I said earlier, Geoma DAO intends to cover all the most important areas for society, during the development of which the whole of our life will change qualitatively. In short, the idea of creating Geoma DAO pursues an exclusively humane goal, thanks to which our society will gain not only financial wealth, but also well-being in its most pleasant form.


Since Geoma DAO has a decentralized basis, an internal GMD token will be available for participants to participate in this project and accept all votes. Which will be developed on the basis of the Ethereum Protocol and correspond to the ERC-20 token type. This will make it not only publicly available,but also easy to store and transfer. At the same time, the total amount of delivery of these coins will be 21 million tokens with an initial cost of $ 1 per 1 GMD.

  • However, the Geoma DAO project will have several tokens, and the second one, GMDST, will support real values expressed by real estate, land, water and other food resources. In a word, the GMDST coin will be created only for the purpose of maintaining the balance and value of the entire project. The cost of 1GMDST will be 100 GMD. At the same time, the token itself will have a special certificate confirming its ownership.


Of course, there are a lot of interesting, technical and other modern tools behind Geoma DAO. Which I unfortunately didn't even mention here. However, I believe that no one can tell about Geoma DAO better than a technical document. Therefore, in order not to spread tautology, I invite you to plunge into the world of new opportunities, where each of us can finally become part of one big working mechanism. The actions of which will be aimed exclusively at the harmonious development of the entire society. Thus protecting nature and the resources that our Land is rich in.

  • I hope my article was not only interesting for you, but also useful. After all, by getting to know new and unique concepts, you are helping to change our world for the better. Therefore, do not miss Geoma DAO by yourself, but study all its constituent elements in more detail. After all, at the end of this block you will find links to all the official resources of the project. And on this I do not say goodbye to you, and I say only until new meetings in my reviews.

Official Geoma DAO resources:


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This project is not just a start-up, it already has a partnership! I think this is a good option for investment!

This project deserves a lot of praise, not just hear about this project, I liked the idea, thank you

Thanks for the constructive review of the project

Thank you for such a detailed review. For the first time I learned about the project from you, I will follow it in the future

A potential project, many positive comments on the forum bitcointalk

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