DATAEUM - the first Blockchain-based platform using Crowdsourcing for data generation!

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The modern man is surrounded by an incredible amount of information every day. This information we receive from various sources. In this case, each information is divided into a number of categories to which it relates. This principle allows us to structure all the data that appears around us. However, many companies that are engaged in data processing, do not always cope with their responsibilities and do not rarely provide false (not confirmed) data about a particular phenomenon.

What I mean. It's really simple elementary.

For example, you come to a foreign city and you need to get from point A to point B and visit some institution. You have long read about this institution and now intend to personally visit it. You take your smartphone and look for available information about the address at which the place is located. After a time you come to the place, and there you will find a so-called embarrassment, as at the moment this institution is no longer working. Alas, you will be upset and you will feel sorry for the time spent on the road and generally spoiled waiting.

As you may have guessed, the information that he had studied in advance is outdated and has nothing to do with today's reality. And as practice shows such situations every day there are hundreds of thousands. Now imagine how much trouble they cause. What to do, you ask?

I hasten to please you, the solution to this problem is already there and it is called – Dataeum.
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Project and its features

Dataeum is a decentralized platform that is able to provide genuine collection of all data using crowdsourcing. In simple words, Dataeum is a platform within which physical data about all objects of our world will be used with 100% accuracy. To the physique can be attributed:

  • cafes, bars, restaurants;
  • municipal facility;
  • hospitals, clinics and other health centres;
  • as well as, shops, supermarkets;
  • gas stations, road signs;
  • private companies, hotels and more.

In General, all that we used to look for in such search engines as Airbnb, Google Maps and other sources.

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Advantages Of Dataeum

The most important and the main advantage of this platform, I believe its decentralization, transparency, security and non-counterfeit data. Which in turn ensures all users quality and genuine relationships. In addition to all the charms of the blockchain, Dataeum can also be distinguished from the available information competitors, so that:

  • Dataeum is the world's first app which can provide this amount of information from around the world;
  • Second, Dataeum is an existing resource. Which has been successfully tested in the three largest cities in Europe-Paris, Barcelona, and London;
  • Third, the most famous consultants and specialists of their business were invited to the development team to implement this concept;
  • Fourth, Dataeum forms its data ecosystem around the person, not Vice versa.

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Why do we need such projects as Dataeum?

Not many people know, but the world of information data is currently estimated at just over three trillion dollars. What is not the final cost, many experts suggest that every year this amount will increase exponentially. At the same time, the data needs a clear structure that could provide any data quickly, reliably and safely without distortion. It is with such conditions that a unique decentralized platform Dataeum was developed.

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Let's look at how it works?

To understand how we will be able to interact with Dataeum and what surprises are waiting for us, I recommend to get acquainted with three ways of proof of physical data.

  • The first way is to prove the same data from both sides. Once the data is validated by two different collectors (data collectors), it is automatically authenticated;
  • The second way is to constantly confirm them. To do this, the developers of Dataeum, intend to send their collectors on a monthly basis to confirm the data;
  • The third way is the degree of confidence in the collector itself. He must prove this trust for his right actions and the quality of the information provided to them. For that in the future it will be thanked by internal tokens.

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Dataeum Tokens

To work within the framework of the platform was carried out qualitatively and was appreciated, the developers of Dataeum created their own internal token. This token is called XDT, 1 billion tokens will be issued in total, but half, that is 500 million tokens, will be allocated for the ICO. The initial price of one token at the time of the ICO will be 12 000 XDT per 1 ETH.

In total, the developers intend to collect Hard Cap in the amount of 35,000 ETH for further growth and development of their platform. That I think is not bad. Itself public sale token starts with 24.09.2018. All proceeds from the token sale will be distributed as follows:

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It should be noted that the project itself has caused a storm of positive emotions in the world of the crypto-currency market. It is very often discussed in the news channel CNBC, as well as other crypto resources. Many analysts predict Dataeum great success. Since she had shown a good result, on the example of three cities.

To get acquainted with all the nuances of the project, I recommend to view all the official resources of Dataeum on these links:



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А really amazing project and a great team. I will be glad to become a part of such a community!!!

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