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Let's talk about the beautiful things out there.

I got my hands on this recently:

For those who are too lazy to read (although I really recommend you should), this is a kind of a draft document, that points out that (well possibly, of course) the Financial Service Committee of the US is preparing a bill called “keeping tech of the banking sphere” (well nearly that, I'm sure you can read the whole thing for yourself).

The point that I'm trying to make is not about how real / unreal this thing is, or whether it's ready or not. The point is the same that I have been talking / dreaming, and writing about for the past 6-7 years.

The document implies that it will fine big companies (with a certain yearly revenue / turn-over) for a sum of up to one million green American papers, daily, if the first will get their dirty fingers into the banking sphere (In our sphere its just call it - mooning tokens).

I think this is a great piece of news as it can get. I have been waiting for it for a while now, and have been writing about it for a while too (and I will be awaiting its confirmation eagerly). If it happens, this is no less than a full blown declaration of war from the banks and the governments (who will finally admit to being one entity) against the corps. A somewhat one crap-VS-another.

It makes a lot of sense really. They finally got it. That their main threat is not a bunch of lunatics (myself alike) with a handful of BTC, but corporations that have a ton of resources and a lot of tools at hand. That those entities can bite off, not just a finger, but the whole hand, the tail, and the head if they are given a chance to do so.

We are indeed living in an interesting time, and if someone out there still doesn't believe that the world economic order is changing, then "welcome to it ladies and gentleman" (this, by the way, finally proofs my 70-80 year theory - it's not that I'm that old, it's just that I can read well). As they say - welcome to the new age.

In the words of Taylor Mason from Billions: I will wait till they blow each other heads off and get tied, and then - I will do my shit.

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