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A cool new feature on the website. Now you can see a 100-word description for each coin (from the public watch list), that will tell you in plain language what the project is about. You can also see the main specs for each coin (including basic things like block size, TPS, supply etc - yes, all in one place, without the need to search through 100 websites) and the basic team and GitHub info for those coins.

Of course, it will take lots and lots of time to fill out the information about each coin, so I will publish the starting basic description with the link to the website as I go per each project.

So, the first one is: 0X…

...and here we go:

Ox is an open-source protocol that enables direct P2P exchange (the OTC protocol) of assets on ETH, and… read the rest here



Just took a look at the site, impressive. If you click on the "Read More", you are taken to Google spreadsheet where you can drill down to the assets website. A little clunky, but very valuable. Thank you!

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You are welcome to use it. Took a while of making, but Im happy that someone likes it

thankx for share with us informative post

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