Satoshi Pie: Final Steps Towards a Better World

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Satoshi Pie was set up with a great intention to make this world a better place by providing access to new investment opportunities in crypto to everybody. Satoshi Pie was an experiment with a nascent blockchain technology in early years of crypto. It proved that it is possible to run a fund on blockchain fully transparent to the tokenholders. As one of the first experiments in the cryptoworld it can be considered a success.

However, in July 2017 it became clear to its founders that the financial world was not ready for the change. In August 2017 a liquidation was launched, and the Pie was closed for the inflows. In January 2019 the Pie was liquidated and all blockchain assets were converted into bitcoins. In April 2019 the Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association became the custodian of the SPIES tokens.

We carried out the services for redeeming the SPIES tokens till 31 March 2021. As mentioned earlier, March 31, 2021 was the date of the expiration of the statute of limitations.

We ended up with the unclaimed tokens and corresponding bitcoins in amount of 39.489. These bitcoins as it had been mentioned earlier were sent to the charitable organisations that help those who are in need and make life better across the globe:

These organisations got 13.16 bitcoins each. Thus, as of today all unclaimed funds are distributed .

From April 2019 till today we have acted in good faith redeeming SPIES tokens first and after expiration of the statute of limitations sending unclaimed bitcoins to those organisations that should definitely spend them for good causes second. Our services are done in full.

This announcement is made by Moscow Central Branch of the Moscow Regional Bar Association

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