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Wow - I though I had seen it all..... it's not JUST Youtube, Facebook, And Twitter that are following orders and cracking down on free speech and dissenting (see - free thinking) points of view.....

Not only has youtube de-monetized pretty much anyone with any alternative (see non main stream) point of view....

Now they are starting to demonetize people on patreon, too.


Once again - this is an open call to ALL content creators to wake up and smell the coffee..... they are coming after ALL of us.

If you are only on youtube, get your butt over on steemit where the cabal tentacles do not reach

.....and make your account over on onG.Social where you will NOT be censored..... This battle is heating up and need to build up the alternative platforms sooner rather than later.

Is there Patron Alternatives out there? Has anyone started developing a crypto version of Patreon yet?

I think it's time....


Censorship is now taking place all over the USA and across western countries and media outlets. We need to support people like Laura who have a right to be heard and paid for her work. Fascism is fast creeping into the United States and the public is asleep at the wheel. I have a post up today demonstrating a number of forms of Facebook and Google censorship that everyone should be aware of in order to understand the depth of the censorship that is taking place. We are now in a fight for our freedom to express ourselves and be rewarded for our hard won efforts. People need to wake up to this harsh reality. The USA we once knew is changing fast.....for the worse.

We can change it back just as fast. We have the Presidency. That's a good start. Expect a anti-leftist, anti-feminist revolution soon. Western folk are finally starting to wake up.

Thank you for sharing!

Make sure you help by re-steeming also. It helps us spread the good word my friend :)

Time to start recruiting.

We all gotta come together or there will be nowhere to speak or hear truth.....

Exactly! It is why i made my name truthforce :) Spread the truth, all others must get out of our way!

Amen brother. We must stick together. I was tiking of making a patreon but then they would know who I am unfortunately :( I don't trust them.

Lauren got treated almost as badly when she made her first, and still last, post on Steemit. Bunch of self-important little steemit-bitches flagged it to hell so she got no payout from it.

The account looked very fake and that's why it got down voted like hell. Steemit has verification, so she could have used that if it were actually her.

She got downvoted because she made no responses or proof of identity. Identity theft is a dangerous thing and since 'she' hasn't made any effort, it's likely it's fake

How much time do you think Lauren has to respond to nobodies on the internet?

Apparently less than she should have made in order to succeed on Steemit. The nobodies apparently became somebodies when they blocked her payout.

As @mobbs said identity theft is a dangerous thing and the community essentially showed her that famous or not, ESPECIALLY famous rather, everybody should be held to the same standard.

I wasn't one of these people, I did not even know who she was until steemit, but proof of identity for a known personality isn't that big of an ask, and she could have easily complied.

I am convinced it wasnt her. He/she couldn't comply because he/she wasnt her

Probably enough time to post more than one video without any introduction, unrelated to the site or anything in the last two months. If she made an account, realised she didn't have time or it wasn't for her and left, then what does it matter?

She didn't confirm her identity, so it's considered a fake account until noted otherwise. That's how it works

I don't think it was Lauren Southern though. I think it was some random person pretending.

I'm just another nobody but I know who to ask and, from memory, at least one of those people confirmed it is Lauren's account. Can't imagine why she wouldn't be bothered with Steemit after a reception like that...

If she proved it was herself it wpuld have been fine. Did she post on social media?

She isnt the type to back down.

I do think more positive about after your article. In case of YouTube i know that a lot of big company's complaint to YouTube that their adverts were shown besides "controversial" or rassistic content and therefore withdrawn their campaigns. Advertising on YT is algorythm based, i guess what you described is yt's solution to solve this.

I agree. All youtubers migrate to steemit for the great profitability of having millions of followers. We will see steemit influenser !

the funny thing is that youtube started off as a " free speech" place where everyone loved it because they can say what they want and when they wanted and express as a content creator , now youtube has changed more towards the big companies paying for ads and is making everyone move out of YouTube.

Internet is only money. advertising

If steemit bring in more organization into their platform it will be a strong magnet pulling people on youtube over.

The problem is steem that are given to each new account

Steemit it the answer. Ever since Google took over Youtube it has been trending Leftist topics and shutting down or demonetizing alt right and other right wing material. Spread the word. Let's get everyone to switch over to Steemit.

I think Steem it could change the interface a bit. Just copy youtube and with more videos, less articles. Most people don't generally want to read essays. They can watch the videos and comment just like YT but without the leftist bias and censorship.


She did. See above.

There is no free speech no on FB YT ot TW - I'm out of there willnot be making more money to them - and if myspace is history it can also happen to FB or TW

Agreed. I believe we will see their downfall.... will take a while, but may as well get started now! ;)

i totally agree with you, they are not on the side of content creators and i'm glade they better alternative, steemit is the place to be and thanks for sharing

It's great we have steemit.

Yes, this is nuts.

Such a bullshit. If it would be on patreon, I would be deleting my account just now. Someone tell this fine lady, that we've got steemit.
edit: OK, already did that ;)

That is a big FAIL from patreon!

Absolutely huge .... !

Wow that is ridiculous

That's ridiculous

Nice post social media has a great impact in our society and children anyone can easily access them

Uh oh!

nice bro
can you upvote me please

You guys crying censorship are a bunch of broflakes.
Advertisers and media companies should not be forced to sponsor your trash. It is their choice, and it has nothing to do with censorship.

I agree. If they could build an add-on to steemit that would act like patreon, it would be great :D

She won't have this problem here. No censor ship. A twist, people can upvote your posts for free and it won't cost anyone a single penny. As it can be hard to be Patreons if they can't afford to donate. But that was ridiculous that her Patreon page got shut down. Unless some troll flagged her page? That's my guess.

Keep up the fight !

@maite hello spanish ☺️

She should absolutely sue them for libel and slander

I'm sure their contract says they can kick you off for no reason..... but they will be boycotted..... I'll start a thread on this shortly.....

Their contract might say that, and they might in fact be totally justified in doing that (terminating the contract). However, they made untrue damaging statements about her on an official document, unless they can prove the truth of these statements, they could be liable for damages.

Please follow back


Have they provided a public reason as to why?

They claimed she may use the money to contribute to "loss of life".... BS. It's political.

Question illegal aliens or god forbid, defend European culture or Western idealogies and you're a racist bigot that deserves to be beat and removed from the internet.

At least that's what the progressives will have you believe.

The only real reason is its political. There is an army of "super mods" that can basically delete videos at will right now. Would you be surprised if any of them had a political bias behind their work?

Please follow back


Steemit is the future ,, nice thoughts !

Please follow back


Best a solutions all any migrate to steem,. Go go go steem follower a billion.. Upvote and any comments.. Go go go steem....on...

I agree. Censorship really kills creativity and individual voice. Patreon has helped so many content developer and should

I spent yesterday evening watching Lauren Southern lol, she's awesome

This is not cool !

Big fail from patreon

Do you want to know the secret, they all have one and the same owner.

Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google.

Nice post you are allowing me to enjoying this social media so much

The tech-left is an enemy of free speech. jack, zuck, sergy & larry, spez and the rest are all just SJWs. They will go down with the dinosaurs of the MSM. The sooner we can get rid of these goons the better.

We should try to let Lauren know of Steemit

Can someone post the 40,000 foot view on who she is and why she's so controversial?

What non-mainstream views is Youtube demonetizing? And how does it affect all creators?

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You can blow out a candle
But you can't blow out a fire
Once the flames begin to catch
The wind will blow it higher
It only takes a spark

Really this is the only cryptocurrency that I have had a means to earn on a regular basis. The biggest problem is it is really hard for people to get most cryptocurrencies without going through a bank.

I just started learning about this stuff, i have no idea what im doing yet but i've heard good things about it.

Well, nothing else to be expected I guess... Hope people see that steemit is a better option

Things like this is why Steemit will become a great tool for content creators.

Great post!
This move from Patreon should morph into their downfall.
While I don't agree with everything Lauren has to say, she has the right to say it. She has done nothing wrong and Patreon of course does the shitty move most social media platform do and silence dissent. Meanwhile Antifa, an actual terrorist group that violently attacks people and destroys property are allowed to thrive.

Wow. Who would sweet Lauren be killing?! sigh - whelp. Hopefully she becomes more active over here on tha Steemit.

Somebody in Brussels prolly filed a complaint because it is politically incorrect by the idiot EU beaurocrat standards. Free speech and freedom is EVERYTHING. Best wishes to you here on Steemit ! Aloha !

There is a Patron alternative on crypto. It is ArtByte, the digital currency that supports artists of all kinds, around the world.

Great post - they are clearly on the offensive and have been for quite a while. I've seen FB, YT, Twitter etc accounts being shut down overnight but I didn't know that Patreon is now in on the act.

Thank you for sharing this important information!


in America, you have freedom of speech and that is your right NOONE can take that away from you.




you sign your rights away because if you know how most websites work they can take you down at any time if they choose too because they are a private organisation and don't need a reason to keep you on the website.

It's like you step into their country to do business connect with fans and so on accept money

but if they feel at any time you are making them upset or breaking any rules they have the right to either warn you to suspend you for a time or completely kick you out of their country....

so don't worry they are not coming for everyone just those of you who go against the TOS

I wonder what the new Patreon service is called..

Steem-treon maybe, lol.

Oh no! Not the Patreon! I just started using it.... :-(

Ya I don't think that profile was her. Too many Steemit squatters goin around now. Censorship can happen here for real tho with flagging so I don't know how we fix it. Unless we have just a big moderating team...I'll volunteer for some Steem payouts! ;)

It is sad to see this, but not unexpected. I hope she keeps up the good fight. I believe she has a pay-pal account that you can donate to. This should hopefully avoid the Patreon issue.

Power to the people!

Informative post

I'll be removing my account today.


Steemit is a great start. But we need a video sharing platform.

Please see your post mentioned here

How do we fight this? I mean we can continue to speak our minds an try an educate people but i dont see how we fight this if every platform is just gonna shut everyone down an defund them. Anyone who tries to challenge them just lose their sources of income. Who will they get rid of next? Undoomed? Jeff holiday? Sargon of Akkad? this is getting insane.

Yeap, bye bye free speech, welcome censorship and tyranny.

Man, that's sad @sashadaygame! I have a Patreon and for most of 2015 that was what I hoped would free me from the plights of being a poor freelance artist. I still make about $500/mo on there for my photography, but I make so much more on Steemit for the same content, and it's decentralized. I've been plucking my artist friends and bringing them here one by one.

Google it you lazy bum :P

It's yet another sjw pandering, double standards, gatekeeper, centralised, permissioned, butt-fuck-around, managed content 'service'.

God bless her!

When I first started to create a real income online in the 90s. They caught wind of my efforts and basically tried to sue me for everything. Being an American I could sort of see this coming. As they say watch you 6.

YouTube sucks

What exactly is patreon offering over just taking crypto directly?

discover why steemit is a scam @ivylifestyle

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