Can blockchain technology be applied even in government administration sectors?

in blockchain •  5 months ago

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Definitely Yes, because blockchain as a technology is going to be the biggest disruption after Internet, I believe. It's not necessary for a blockchain to be associated with a crypt currency or a token. Here is a link from IBM, that discusses about several use cases that can be built by Government.

Niti Aayog ( a think tank of Indian Government ) has hired Oracle Corporation this month to implement a pilot project to put the entire stock of medicines made in India on the blockchain with an aim to fight fake and spurious drugs. The project is likely to start by November.

And this is just a few examples, I think, many more can be built on top of blockchain. Most importantly, blockchain can help maintain transparency and that is going to increase the adoption by public faster. 


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I have given the answer of a similar question in my musing post. Blockchain technology is a future which cannot be underestimated.

I believe so. I think the tech is sound and pretty safe. Governments will most likely use it but I won't be surprised if they are the last ones to catch the boat.

On other news, what's up with Ethereum? Last night I attempted to do a transfer, with the Gas suggested by the Network and even higher, and I couldn't.

I tried 3 or four times, always increasing the Gas... but the Tx never appeared (not even as pending.)

I went to sleep... and repeated it today. What a surprise. It worked and it was approved in 2 seconds.

It looks like ETH is screwed up.


I think, ETH network is kind of screwed up and not scalable to meet the demand.

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