Safe Haven partners with China Blockchain Partners aiming sustainable growth in Asian Market!

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After intensive meetings and discussions, Safe Haven and China Blockchain Partners signed an extensive partnership agreement to support Safe Haven its rollout on the Chinese market. Safe Haven aims to provide secure and transparant solutions for inheritance of digital assets worldwide. China Blockchain Partners provides services for China’s leading blockchain projects and for EU companies targeting Asian markets.

Safe Haven’s complex, yet effective platform uses the advanced technology of Smart Contracts combined with legal entities from across the globe. This combination empowers Safe Haven Digital Asset holders to ensure secure inheritance of their digital assets.
With over 9 years of experience in EU-China B2B market, the founders of China Blockchain Partners (CBP) provided multiple business solutions for Chinese and European companies and institutions.

Safe Haven just finished it’s pre-ico stage. “In this fast-growing market we want to expand our ideas for digital inheritance globally. That’s why we signed a partnership with a valuable player in the Chinese Blockchain field.”reacts CEO of Safe Haven Jurgen Schouppe.

“CBP have intimate knowledge of the possibilities of European blockchain projects on the Chinese market. This enables them to match the right blockchain project with the right partners. CBP has strong relationships with leading companies to facilitate quick proceedings. They are absolutely passionate about blockchain and Internet technologies. That’s why we chose CBP to be our partner in strengtening Safe Haven in the Chinese Market.” states Co-Founder and spokesman Logino Dujardin (Safe Haven) in addition.


“Safe Haven has a unique solution to a common problem many people will face in this digital, crypto asset world. We want to help spread awareness about Safe Haven’s project in the Chinese community and establish a contributing and enthusiast Chinese Safe Haven Community. We will use our extensive network to assist Safe Haven in realizing partnerships with Legal Entities in Greater China for Save Haven’s Trust Alliance Network (TAN). The partnership contains a lot of aspects, where some of them are confidential.” decides Pieter Verstraete, Business Consultant of CBP.

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China Blockchain Partners website:

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That's awesome! It's nice to see you folks are out there pounding the pavement and making connections. CBP also worked with NEO on their EU relations. It would be interesting to see some cross polonation there. One project that comes to mind is THEKEY which is working on blockchain based Identity Verification. Any way...keep up the good work team!


They worked with Neo and Vechain. We are excited about this partnership :)