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RE: The Rise of the Decentralized Exchange: Why they’re important and who is leading the way.

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I agree atomic swaps are going to be significant and Komodo are one of many projects developing this capability. I am based in Singapore so following their progress closely but lets wait until we see their platform performing some volume before we are calling it revolutionary!


100k atomic swaps isn't 'developing'. Production never stops at Komodo, recent activity includes allowing atomic swaps between 95% of all coins including ERC20, is pushing the tx per second limit to ludicrous levels via cryptoconditions and burn protocol, and an improved marketing strategy to communicate everything more effectively so the techies can get on with building things. Add the security of dPOW, along with the foundations of BaaS coming into play, andit has a bright future.

The backend is extremely advanced, and a grandma friendly front end is imminent. I think Komodo will continue to move fast and break things, and those with dev skills will continue to have a playgound for innovation via CLI, but when HyperDEX launches those preferring point and click will bring added liquidity.

Its ethic of opensouce and collaboration, rather than competition is a quality which will bring growth. Offering dPoW notarisation to beseiged tokens could be the savoir of many shitcoins that are cheap enough for a 12 year old to 51% with their milk money. dPoW also acts to reduce the collective energy consumption of all coins in the ecosystem. If that's not revolutionary, I'm not sure I have an authentic dictionary.

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