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XAYA, is a personalized block chain based on the Namecoin cryptocurrency, a project voluntarily led for more than 5 years,

A decentralized chain game is planned, previously called The Chimaera Project.

It was founded in 2006. by Andrew Colosimo, a specialist in information technology and computing with a proven track record of innovation, business management and business management.


Chimera is made up of a stellar team of industry leaders and cryptocurrency veterans. Dr. Kraft is the inventor of the underlying technology of the platform channels. In addition, Kraft is one of the main contributors to the Bitcoin Core code base, and was also a leading developer of Namecoin, the cryptocurrency of which the Chimera block chain bifurcates, which precedes and is the basis of XAYA.

Uses of  XAYA:

 Along with some of the use cases of Namecoin, it is specially designed with games in mind.
Allow the creation of game accounts.
Create virtual game coins.
Asset storage, ownership and administration
You have identification systems.

In this new platform all games can be run without servers and impossible in the chain of blocks with countless miles of games and millions of players, simultaneously.

Among the advantages of the use we have:

Multiple players or millions of players competing and cooperating in decentralized virtual realities that work without servers

and unstoppable

Administered in an equitable environment, players use their skills and intelligence to collect resources and obtain rare artifacts to generate real value.

Developers as players participate in a game that evolves constantly.

They have a varied and more effective way to monetize games, this

the names and the accounts to use in all the games that operate in XAYA.

Their rates and the costs of maintenance and reduction of users of reduced servers: crowdfunds, compilation and publication of games, which does not allow fraud. that generates a great reliability of the server.

Vision After working at Huntercoin, are you in a perfect position to execute your vision

The XAYA cryptocurrency will be based on a chain of blocks protected by proof of work (PoW), with the experience that comes from Chimera, the accounts of the players and the most important game data are conserved with an integrated store of decentralized name / value in the chain of blocks.

Why is security and fairness an integral part of decentralized games, especially when assets within the game have value

This is a response to the security that players have to win reliably and that the winnings are transferred to the moment in a real and liquid way, which generates confidence in the players and more audience for the platform.

Players have their own accounts and objects with real and liquid value of all their coins, assets and characters in the game. As a result, players can transfer and exchange items between different games and players, as well as buy and sell them for real money, at the time they decide.

Why are alliances with games like Soccer Manager and Treat Fighter important to help Xaya become mainstream?

The first game of XAYA, Treat Fighter, will soon be launched on the main network. Developed by TrickyFast Studios, which consists of a strategy game of these players who carry out expeditions, obtain resources, give and fight with other customers while working to grow their candy armies and outperform the competition,

is a massive, decentralized and proven multiplayer football management game. This is the first game of its kind, and it's revolutionary.

¿What are some of the possibilities of combining Xaya blockchain scaling solutions with virtual reality technology?

It also works in a similar way, since it can be done with a set of game channels, in real time, simulate virtual reality, in turn allows Xaya, keep track and block chain, record your game , which prevented the manipulation or hacking of third parties, since everything is saved in the general ledger. using DR (decentralized reality) are unstoppable virtual worlds where there is no central authority. The state of the world is calculated by all those who are involved in it.


Some good use cases in the adoption of this new current of use.

The time creating a game, or a jujador in your team, the active generation that you can exchange or use, the leisure time you think you lose by doing will generate dividends.

This creates a new form or trend for the fans, that changes the form and catches more players the platform that augurs it a success.

The presale is open until August 29 if you wish, sign up you can buy your free chips called chi, here is the link: https://xaya.io/coin/


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