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Learn all about a new cryptocurrency mining operation in the Netherlands, called Securix in this article. If you are reading this, I am sure you are aware that cryptocurrency is becoming very popular. Did you also know that some coins need to be mined with computer hardware like graphics cards? Mining cryptocurrency can be a very profitable business. Mining coins yourself can be confusing and difficult for most people, but Securix is offering an investment opportunity. People can buy the SRXIO token, and then receive profit sharing from the Securix mining operation. This way you do not have to worry about setting up equipment yourself and maintaining it.

Securix is raising funds using a crowd sale. This is a very common and efficient way to raise new funding for companies. Ethereum is most commonly accepted as a means of payment for these crowd sales. These coins are very easy to store securely and transfer to other parties. Eighty five percent of the funding raised by the Securix crowd sale will go toward setting up the mining facilities which includes the hardware, electrical work, and other expenses. The remaining fifteen percent of the raised funds will be put towards administrative expenses and marketing expenses.
Here is how the token allocation will be handled. Seventy seven percent of all tokens are for crowd sale participants. Fifteen percent of tokens will go towards the founders. These tokens will remain locked for a twelve month period before being slowly released. Another six percent of tokens are reserved for development and research. The remaining two percent of tokens are reserved for the bounty program participants. During the public sale, the largest bonus available is thirty percent at the start of the sale. This bonus gradually declines to zero by the end of the sale. By keeping the maximum bonus fairly low, this is good for later investors who will not have their tokens devalued greatly due to large bonuses. The pre sale is currently under way, and the crowd sale will begin on September 7, 2018, and end at the end of October. Unsold tokens will be destroyed.
Securix will payout forty five percent of gross revenue to holders of the Securix token. This will be distributed monthly in Ethereum. Any coins that are mined will be converted into Ethereum for payment to the token holders. Securix will publish each month how many Bitcoin they have mined. This shows transparency and honesty. In addition to the monthly dividend payment, Securix will use ten percent of the gross revenue for reinvestment. This will comprise of buying tokens back for the purpose of burning them, and also buying new hardware to increase the mining capacity of the facility. This type of investment plan will have long term benefits for token holders. The remaining revenue from mining will go towards the costs of the operation and toward profits for Securix.

The location of the mining facility is going to be an old sugar processing building in the Netherlands. It is large enough to allow for scalability, and it has the necessary infrastructure to support mining. If you are interested in learning more about Securix and their proposed mining operations, please visit the web links below.


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