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KryptoPal is an exciting new company focused on providing the resources and tools necessary for developers to easily integrate blockchain or decentralized applications into their existing products. While there is much interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, there are still roadblocks to mass adoption of the technology. Some of these roadblocks include lack of developer knowledge about how to integrate the technology, problems with transactions being performed in real time, and the ability to interconnect these new applications across other platforms. KryptoPal is able to help solve all of these problems with their SDK or software development kit, an API or application programming interface, smart contracts, and the new KryptoX token with the symbol KPX.

When users integrate the KryptoPal SDK into one of their existing applications, that particular application then has a connection to the blockchain Ethereum. Also, that application is then connected with all of the other applications in the whole network, and people can perform interactions with these other applications. Any browser, application, or device application can use KryptoPal to perform blockchain integrations and use functions like storage, smart contracts, and transactions. Here are some advantages to use KryptoPal and its SDK. Users will gain access to global markets with the ability to have real time, no cost, micropayments. Blockchain smart contracts can be used. Tools will be available for cross application integration. Transaction volume will be excellent using the secure blockchain. Also, users may have access to loyalty points and rewards systems.

One of the main components of the KryptoPal platform is the KrypoX token. This will be used by customers to make real time payments, micropayments, and get premium API features. The KryptoPal platform will open up many new possibilities to its users. They are bridging the gap that exists between consumers, businesses, and applications using blockchain. The platform is capable of integrating all types of services and applications including payment networks, wallets, ecommerce, remittance services, banking systems, gaming, POS, and IoT applications.

Many applications require the use of real time payments. In many cases with blockchain, this is not possible, but KryptoPal offers a solution. Off chain payments can be accessed using the Raiden network will allows for these real time transactions with zero fees.

KryptoPal provides a low cost and easy solution to accessing blockchain functionalities. This lets developers focus their efforts on other things saving them considerable time, money, and headaches. With the use of KryptoPal, it is not required to have an extensive knowledge of blockchain and coding for blockchain applications. They provide seamless interaction with multiple blockchains. The applications using KryptoPal can invoke inter application functions. This can include things like data retrieval, financial transactions, and much more. This ability to interact with other applications is key to the success of blockchain in the future, and it allows for great functionality between applications.

KryptoPal is offering fifty percent of the token supply for sale to the public. Funds will be used for a number of things including development, marketing, infrastructure, administration, legal fees, and travel. To read even more about KryptoPal and all the features that they plan to offer, please refer to the list of links that I have provided below.



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This seems like a very good idea for a blockchain platform. Once more people start to use this, we should see a real big increase in cryptocurrency use.