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DarcMatter is a global investment platform that allows people from around the world to invest in alternative funds securely and transparently. The platform already has investors using it, and there are over one hundred and fifty funds listed on the platform. The DarcMatter platform will use the DarcMatter Coin (DMC). This coin uses the NEM blockchain. There are not a lot of companies using the NEM blockchain yet, but it has great functionality and will work great for DarcMatter. NEM can be more scalable and modifiable than the Ethereum blockchain while using less power.

Sometimes alternative investments are seen in a negative light, but they are really a large and important investment class. Alternative investments can be anything that is not a traditional bond, equity, or cash. This may include things like cars, art, luxury goods, wine, and more. By the year 2020, it is estimated that alternative investments may reach fifteen trillion dollars globally. Much of this type of investment is currently only accessible to wealthy investors and often lacks transparency. The use of the DarcMatter platform and blockchain can provide a safe, transparent, and accessible market for alternative investments.

DarcMatter was originally established in 2014 to connect investors. They are now adding blockchain functionality to the platform because it is extremely well suited to these types of transactions. DarcMatter has already received a number of awards and recognitions.

The DMC token will utilize smart contracts on blockchain to complete investments. This modernizes an antiquated process and is much more efficient. First, a fund can be listed on the DarcMatter platform with contract terms stored on the universal ledger. Then the system searches for an investor match who can review each potential investment. Next, DMnotes are used for escrow. The DM Universe Ledger contains all key information about each fund. It allows for easy interactions between the investors and managers of funds.

The total number of DMC tokens being produced will be one billion coins with fifty percent being offered for sale in the initial coin offering. The crowd sale began on June 15th. To find out more about this very interesting company, please be sure to visit all of the links shown below.


whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tiehex4lz8e25fj/DMC_Whitepaper%20%28v2.5%29_EN.pdf?dl=0

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