Bitcomo Now Listed On Cobinhood Exchange

in #blockchain3 years ago
The Cobinhood cryptocurrency exchange is a great exchange that is gaining in popularity. They set themselves apart from the competition by offering zero trading fees! They have even recently added margin trading with up to ten times leverage. They also tend to run a lot of fun promotions to get people involved. If you have never tried them before, they are definitely worth trying.

Bitcomo has recently been added to the Cobinhood exchange for trading. Bitcomo is a cost per action, or CPA advertisment network using blockchain technology. With this type of network, an affiliate can earn money, or in this case Bitcomo tokens, when a person completes an action that the affiliate has directed the user to. This can be something like filling out a form, or making a purchase from a website. Advertisers decide on how much to offer for each particular action, and then the affiliate drives visitors to the offer. Blockchain is beneficial to this because it reduces costs and middlemen to make it more profitable for both the advertiser and the affiliate.

Be sure to check out other tokens available for trading on the Cobinhood platform. The do have trading contests and airdrops regularly. The links to Cobinhood and Bitcomo are shown below.
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