ApolloX - Decentralized Global Ecommerce

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ApolloX is using blockchain technology to create an ecommerce services platform that is decentralized. The goal for ApolloX is to create something that will replace the model of today, which can have high fees and other issues. They look to improve security, shopping protections, and lower fees and commissions with the blockchain decentralized platform.

There are three main building blocks that comprise the ApolloX ecosystem. They are the ApolloX protocol, ApolloX powered shops, and the ApolloX community. Shops will be built using the ApolloX protocol and will be independently operated by many different users. The protocol is what makes it simple for anyone to build an application or service for ecommerce on the blockchain. The community consists of sellers, manufactures, service providers, customers, and technology experts. Members who provide value to the community have the potential to be rewarded for their efforts.

Some of the great features and elements that make up the ApolloX protocol are the payment protocol, the reputation protocol, the attribution protocol, the oracle and data protocol, the arbitration protocol, and the community build protocol. The payment protocol is responsible for the secure payment transfers between parties involved. The reputation protocol is a review and ratings system for sellers and products. This helps to prevent fraudulent activities. The attribution protocol is designed to provide rewards for referrals and affiliate commissions. The oracle and data protocol is for data communication between external applications and the ApolloX platform. The arbitration protocol is designed to be a effective way to resolve any disputes. Finally, the community protocol is to allow anyone to design and build a protocol of their own.

You can see that there are many aspects to the ApolloX platform and ecosystem. With a little help from the community, perhaps it can start to challenge traditional eCommerce platforms. If you are curious to learn more about ApolloX, please view the links here.


whitepaper: https://apollox.network/whitepaper

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