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ABLE is a project for integrating financial services into blockchain technology with smart contracts managing all cryptocurrency assets. ABLE accounts will be very versatile allowing for financing, investment, and micropayments. These services will all be available on a single platform.

This project by ABLE is meant to be an alternative to current bank lending services. Currently banks make money on the deposit-lending spread. This is the difference between the deposit interest rate, and the lending rate. For example, a bank might pay one half of a percent interest on deposits, and then charge four percent interest on loans. This large difference in rates is profit for banks. The ABLE whitepaper states that in 2017, this deposit-lending spread was about six percent for banks, which is really quite large.

ABLE aims to improve upon this lending system so that both borrowers and lenders receive a better deal by removing the middle man. They will use a matching engine to bring together borrowers and investors for peer to peer transactions. This will eliminate the deposit-lending spread, so all parties will benefit from the deal. Interest rates will be mutually agreed upon between both parties. The loans will utilize smart contracts on blockchain.

A decentralized exchange is also planned for development by ABLE for storing smart contracts. This will create an environment for developers to create and offer a number of financial products. By using a variety of smart contract templates, users can create various investment products and services. This can be achieved without coding knowledge and all products will be available with a users ABLE account.

There are three stages to the development of the ABLE ecosystem. First is the development of the ABLE account and lending matching service with smart contracts using the Ethereum blockchain. The next stage is to develop the decentralized exchange. Finally, they will create their own dedicated blockchain for financial services. To find out more about ABLE, please check the links shown here.





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