TPS Report #7: Holding Steady

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Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains.

Interesting inverse trend between STEEM and BTS/ETH recently.


TransactionsDateRatePrevious Record
STEEM1,840,5152018-04-1321.30 tps18.30 tps
BTS1,476,8672018-05-1117.09 tps13.14 tps
ETH1,349,8902018-01-0415.62 tpsno change
BTC490,6442017-12-145.68 tpsno change

Here's the big-picture view.



Thanks for sharing. This proves 90% of the blockchains are purely speculation and hype because they have no transactions. Only Steem, Ethereum, Bitshares have high daily transactions.

I checked NEO:

It has about 50K-60K (not too bad)

XRP (Ripple) has about 700K daily

Everything else is below 50K daily.

Of course Bitcoin has transactions but only around 200K and its been around 10 years. I checked ETH has more active addresses than BTC. Way more use means more value building up in the longterm.

there's possibly millions of transactions on layer 2 (which ethereum doesn't have) while bitcoin has 2000 ln nodes alone and 110k+ nodes on l1 . btc transactions are batched so 500k is more accurate figure and also way more secure than premined centralized ethereum. since nobody actually uses ethereum for decentralization since it has none and the best proven example of one ever, it's not relevant to cryptocurrencies and not even in same league, should only be compared with other similar centralized platforms like eth and paypal. didn't they also find 80% of eth transactions are from a single mixer? probably preminers just making it appear like it has transaction.

Hey @roadscape, I don't think this is the right place for me to ask, but I didn't know a better way to try to send a message, I don't know if you remember me or not but you used to help out with some upvotes for my father's photography and some of my photography at times as well.
And after a while I became a bit inactive posting photography due to trying to finish a movie I was working on and at some point lost your following.

That's one of my main regrets on steemit, though it also helped me learn. And additionally, your efforts worked and my father did eventually join steemit! He's been on here a number of months now and I think he's doing pretty good so far! I dunno if it's possible or not but I just wanted to sort of bring this to your attention and perhaps you could help him with some more upvotes from time to time again like you used to?

If not no worries, I totally understand. I just feel like my father really deserves more attention for his artwork and I even made a quest out of the subject in the most recent round of our IFC contest that I've been doing that's been very successful so far. If you'd like to check that out, here's a link.

I don't wanna make this too long, so I'll end this shortly.
One thing I really wanted to say was thanks for the support before. That was a major reason my father ended up joining steemit. And since then it's been a fun adventure for both of us, and I feel like we've bonded a bit through steemit and helping him learn how to use all this has been a lot of fun and hopefully in time it's even more positive. Anyways.. Thanks again for your help back then! And especially if you decide to help him again. :) Oh and.. His name here on steemit is @irvinesimages
Cheers, and all the best to you!

Can you share your thoughts about SBD price? Do you think it can be higher than steem like before? Or are those days gone?

STEEM all the way

@roadscape, this is a good analysis of what is happening in the cryptocurrency world.

It's so good to know that steem is leading in transactions. This is because steemit has a model that helps earn more.

Thanks for sharing this sir!

by the graph means that steem is being more popular than another cryptocurrency

It is amazing how many transactions we manage each day.. unbelievable it it not seen by many.. kind regards Rival ( witness)

I thought that the mechanism of steemit's steem locking may be affected.

Interesting analysis, Steem leading the pack, when EOS gets off the ground, it would be a good comparative study.... It would have been a awesome thing if throughput and transaction volume translated into value... What is even more interesting, I read a transcript from Tom Lee and he was making the point that transactional volume could be a good measure of value but this analysis has eluded blockchains like Steem and BTS...Probably throughput and volume isn't the best metric for assessing a blockchain

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