TPS Report #6: The Stratification

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Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains.

STEEM is looking good. Witnesses will soon have to increase block size.

New Records

TransactionsDateRatePrevious Record
STEEM1,581,1302018-01-0518.30 tps13.05 tps
BTS1,135,2382018-01-1613.14 tps11.55 tps
ETH1,349,8902018-01-0415.62 tps12.64 tps
BTC490,6442017-12-145.68 tpsno change
STEEM still not breaking a sweat.

Here's the big-picture view.



last I heard Steem was running at 11% 'strain' on the system
Why do you think that the blocksize would need to be increased?

The current max blocksize is 64kb. The system attempts to maintain block fullness at around 25%, or 16kb. Over the last few weeks we've been teetering on the 16kb line, hence the bandwidth issues. So at this point witnesses can grant users more bandwidth by increasing max block size. Witnesses may choose to not increase max block size if they are concerned about scalability. The cost to this is that users will get turned away.

What's too bad? Everything is working as designed, the main issue I see is that the bandwidth reserve ratio needs to be stabilized. And witnesses are handling this scale just fine so I don't foresee any issues with a block size increase soon.

that's what I meant
we RILLY need a sarcasm font!

This is incredible. Bitcoin really does look like Netscape sometimes.

Just wanna thank for your contribution in maintaining I've been using it daily, but realized that I should have pay a credit to you much earlier. You got my witness vote, you rock man!

God, I wish I knew more about the inner workings of all this stuff. lol

A big goal for is to make sure users don't have to know anything about the internals of the blockchain. That's what sets steem apart from other chains. Still, improvements can be made.

That's really comforting, actually. I kinda felt like I was being an ignorant twat for not understand/learning how the blockchain stuff works, but if it's designed for people like myself, I'd say it's working fantastically. Kudos to you guys and gals making it hum. I'm just about 100% weened off of FB these days. This place is gonna be huge.

I wonder how this will be when SMTs are launched. It could make for some very sudden growth in transactions.

'Smart media tokens'. From my understand it is the possibility for anyone to build their own steem like token upon the steem blockchain. Check out @neds blog for more info.

It's very likely that SMTs will be a big contributor to tx growth.

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Steem is showing its magic.Steem will go up and thanks for the post.@upvoted

That is a very encouraging for steemians.While the entire crypto market is in bad shape at that time steem is showing us some light.Hoping for some good news .upvote

Good comparison to show where STEEM is compared to bigger coins. It's addition to Binance and millions of its users was also a big step for STEEM and contributed to it going up.

Steemit is the sh1t we are blessed to be a part of a succsessful platform and community

thanks for the latest info

Very convincing information! Thank you!

That's a great news... Great information... It's good to know that we are in the right path..Nice post.. Thanks for the post.

By the statistics,looks very much like steem is maintaining its steady stability and growthThis is the first week of the second month of the year 2018. The community of steemit is growing at a very high rate and steemrts are coming up with great ideas and individual creativities.In the next few months to come,its a qarrantee that steem will do far much better.

dont forget vice will use steam blockchain when in service

off topic:
why does report almost EVERYTHING twice, sometimes even 5 times?

If the block size is increased does that mean SBD will be inflated?

Nope, block size has nothing to do with SBD price/supply.


This is a buying opportunity..... but I would tread lightly. Because Tether and Bitfinix, are a dark factor that can bring the market crashing. It could be another mount gox episode if tether is proven to be a scam. Tether created more than 2.3 billion coins in just 1.5 years..... and ignoring a subpoena. Looks and feel really fishy. I just hope I am wrong, but will have cash on the side...just in case I am right.

Personally,if the investment in SBD grows,,the we dominate in the crypto world..

I know Steem gat the magic and in a short while, Steem will be the number 1 currency

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steem is still on the top

great work and im glad for you,but i cant undearstand how some posts get all that upvotes, best one i had 0.04 maybe, we started we need encouragments from u guys dont be selfish, again im glad for u

You might want to use the below link instead! It better demonstrates overall mkt share as well as capacity utilisation.
Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 22.54.06.png

I use blocktivity sometimes, though recently there was a full-page ad I couldn't get past so I stopped visiting. I generally generate reports that don't seem to be available anywhere else.

Hi @roadscape nice to know your post.

Thanks for being such a useful witness, I've included you in this post and I hope that you will do much more for steemit. ☺

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Nice to meet you. I first started to get into steemit. I'll follow you. Thank you for a good article.

Hello! You might not see this comment since this post is 8 days old, but thank you for upvoting my digital art! I appreciate it deeply and hope you continue to like it. Thank you!

This is all so new to me. Thanks for doing what you do and providing this info. Now to decipher it... :)

nice post and God, I wish I knew more about the inner workings of all this stuff.

every dollar i invest in crypto lately is going to Steem!
I also keep some on eth wich i like a lot and a little in smaller coins to play with but for sure... my advice to all my friends is steem... or eth in second place... :)

And now it's time to apply technical analysis to those charts:


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You are doing a great work here on Steemit. Thank you.

Hey there! First of all I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the work that you do within the platform. I've been using steemd since I started (80 days now) and I think I've used it more than steemit itself. Having said that I know it takes a lot of work and maintenance, to keep up with so many and all the things that you must do leave me pretty much clueless about it. Anyways, again thank you and have a great week. Cheers!

I meant to leave a reply for you sooner but was waiting if the problem would just stop but since it hasn't I decided to try to reach out and ask you directly. Maybe a couple of weeks ago I started seing the same but multiplied blocks into my steemd, something like this:


And today, for the first time it showed me multiple more, like this:


I meant to ask, is this normal for some reason? If it is I'm sorry but felt like I had to ask. Sincerely my many thanks. Cheers!

Thanks for share the Very convencing information @roadscape (62)