TPS Report #4: Calm Before the Storm

in blockchain •  last year

Comparing the tx throughput of STEEM, BTS, ETH, and BTC blockchains.

Interesting correlation between ETH and BTS as they bounce off BTC.
Generally, trends are holding steady since the last report 50 days ago.

Here's the big-picture view.


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Interesting, thank you! Love how Steemit and Bitshares are more utilized than BTC and ETH combined but worth nothing, while shitcoins that no one uses and do nothing useful are worth hundreds of millions. Can't wait for the SEC to clean house!


Hype, pumps and dumps, that's what most shitcoins are for. The top 50 or so in market cap are the meaningful currencies.

Very good info. Upvoted and following.

Wow nice share.. I hope you noticed me as witness already. If not check it out and I hope you wuld consider to vote for me.. could change my life

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I think we will see a huge increase in alts again afther the BTC fork.
November will be an other alt coin boom.


You were kind of right :-)

Complex calculations required

Nice work, Roadscape!

Job well done @roadscape !

No wonder it is so volatile, that is one insane graph! Thanks for sharing!

I share because this important for all steemian
My Bittrex & Steemit Get HACKED - Missing All Money
I hope you guys can be careful

so crazy to see how much it has gone up since this post

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pretty good prediction. Also its very interesting take advantage of combined BTC and ETH. Thanks @roadscape

Hello @roadscape,

I noticed some inconsistency on steemd, shows different data in different places about the same transaction.

Is this something we could discuss?

Sorry for posting it here, i don't know any other way to reach you.

Thank you.


Please reach out to me on Links/screenshots where I can see this behavior would be helpful.


i just replied with screen shots. Thank you!

@roadscape thank for sharing the links, this is very helpful :) Best wishes.

What storm? :)

I have a related question: I'm looking for a way to export all my data into a .csv file so that I can easily import into a spreadsheet and manipulate the data however I need. Is there a way to do that? If not, could that capability be added? I'd like to first export everything, and then periodically export all the data created since the last export. Please reply and let me know if there is a better way to reach you. Thanks :) -wiser