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steem, btc, and eth: tps per day, since launch

as of 2017-03-08

Days since launch

  • steem: 349
  • ethereum: 586
  • bitcoin: 2,985



Is TPS, 'transactions per second?"


Thank you for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page about Steem blockchain. Thanks and good luck again!

Yeah thanks

Wow, steem looks almost the same as btc, but shorter!

Thanks for that - since our MeetUp yesterday I even understand such graphs now! Good one @roadscape

That is awesome. I can't wait to see us surpass Bitcoin.

So what is your estimation, when will it happen @teamsteem ?

It's a pretty tough call and there's nothing at stake to lose for me so I'm going to be bold. I'd say in less than a year we'll surpass Bitcoin where it will be then. Certainly 2 years from now if things have gone right for Steem we should be there. People are pretty irrational not to join Steem right now. I don't know the degree of irrationality people live in but it always boggles my mind when I see some part of it.

Thanks for this roadmap, exciting to see if it becomes reality - glad to have people like you here spreading optimism!

I agree. Investors are totally irrational right now when it comes to Steem. Maybe it was the some Whales powering down that had Steem locked up from last Spring once the 3 month rule took effect. I just can't believe with this type of platform and sheer amount of loyal users/ activity and transactions that the total market cap of Steem could be less than Dogecoin or what that coin is with the dog on it. Steemit has big upgrades ahead. What's deal? Why is the price so low? Is there even a reason?

Reddit is worth billions and Steem is worth a mere $20 million for a better platform in the future? I just don't get it. Haha!

I don't want to get too deep into discussing the market aspect of Steem. Steem give me more hope and fun than anything in my life right now. I'll be expanding on these ideas on future posts.

I'm following you now. I enjoyed your comments.

Sorry so late in the comments but I found this very interesting since a new steemian. My family and I just started and we love it, hope to see more posts from you and from @roadscape.

Thanks, one thing seems clear if Steem stays around for the next 1 or 2 it will have the highest amount of transactions than any other Blockchain.

Way cool.

Hey, @roadscape please share in what cryptocurrencies you invested?

P.S it's very interesting to know where smart people invest.

Another thing that won't load for me right now is My problem with steemd was with both Chrome and Firefox on an Android tablet, and with elinks on Debian. Thank you very much for fixing!

Great work! I congratulate you!

hi, I voted you as my witness, wish you help increase my rank , thank you .

It would be interesting to see Bitshares TPS included.

Good idea. Will do this next time.

I hope we see steem go up 7.50 $ :)

WOW, look at the prices now since 3 months. AMAZING!

Wow this is incredibly interesting. The TPS is only going to increase exponentially on Steem.

Hello @roadscape, we are just trying to set crowdfunding on Steemit to get resources to save Abongphen Highland Forest in Cameroon. Please could you help us in our effort? Thank you verz much for your upvotes and resteems.

@roadscape great post thanks for this was very informative keep flying the flag steem on

wow horrible volatility and similarity! Thanks for sharing :)

Your wallet & influence on this site is inspiring. I'm following along in hopes to learn as much as I can from you. Thanks for your interest in my posts.

Welcome to Steemit :)

Thank you for sharing.

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