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Talentchain is a Blockchain based decentralized platform to provide every individual will have their own tamper proof and trusted certificate vault. A platform where universities and institutes will be creating, maintaining and issuing digital certificates on the blockchain to students. Today, most of the job applications are made by sending CVs online to employers, but it is a very laborious task for the recruiters to validate the credentials as in recruitment process.
So, Talentchain is come up with their decentralized platform where corporates can check easily about authenticity of any individual, after getting permission for verification from the platform. They are eliminating the traditional error regarding verification and certification system.

The problem is in the traditional verification and certification system where some people are bringing fake certificates and dubious degree which created tremendous problems in today’s life. According to the Telegraph, there are various higher education institutes universities who are selling fake degree certificates and non-existent courses in the UK alone. On the other side, an individual is willing to buy fake degrees from real universities and fake individuals buying fake degrees to scam somebody.
From this, the corporate industry becomes a victim by dealing with professionals who are holding fake degrees and certificates. The investigating agencies of any corporate industry in hiring process charge high fees.

The solution where Talentchain has come up with their decentralized platform to provide a tamper proof verification and certification. Through Blockchain, they are recording the transactions regarding data kept in the verification vault and it becomes more immutable. They are eliminating the centralized nature of verification and certification process in recruitment industry. They are providing more integrity where every user can be sure that their data is been safely recorded and more transparency where every user has authenticity to access their profile.
Here, universities and institutes can upload their courses on the blockchain for the students and employees. Students get auto generated verified passport from the platform after uploading their certificates or completed any courses under the platform.
This platform will help corporates and recruiters to validate a candidate’s credentials, endorsements from p2p and reporting managers. This will eliminate the third-party intermediaries of investigating agencies who are costing higher fees.

The Team
Rangin Lahiri – CEO & Founder – He’s having 18+ yrs. experience in Technology domain with Cognizant, PwC, IBM as Practice Leader, Director, Partner roles. P&L responsibility of Digital Transformation practices spanning multiple geographies. Has worked with Atos Consulting in Netherlands to drive Digital & Customer Experience Solutions.

Ayon Hazra – Co-Founder – He works as the Lead Blockchain Strategist & Head of Presales and Business Development at Qlikchain. He has 13+ yrs. Consulting & Presales experience in Digital Technologies in CRM and BPM domain and has worked in Cognizant Business Consulting, Ericsson, and Oracle Consulting. He is an expert in leading process consulting initiatives applying BPMN2.0 framework. He holds an MBA and a bachelor’s in information technology.

Debmalya Changdar – Head of Business Consulting – He heads the Business Consulting and Product management roadmap at QlikChain. With 14+ yrs. experience in Fintech domain with technical expertise in distributed databases, decentralized applications and deep techno functional expertise in Presales, technology program management & rollouts.

Token Matrix
Token – TTO
Total Supply – 300 Million TTO
Price – $0.1 USD
Soft Cap – $2M USD
Hard Cap – $15M USD
Crowd Sale – 15th September 2018

Social Media Reach
Facebook – 135+ Followers – https://www.facebook.com/TalentChainOfficial/
Twitter – 95+ Followers – https://twitter.com/Talent_Chain
Telegram – 140+ Members – https://t.me/TalentChain_official

The Social Media hype is low, but they are very much active on their Telegram Group.
The Website and Whitepaper both well-explained in detail and easy to understand.
There are 11 core members in the leadership team who are having expertise in Software, Product Development, Sales & Marketing, IoT, ICOs, IT, Business Development, Finance and Blockchain Technology. The team members are having working background from such reputed companies like IBM, Cognizant, Ericsson, Oracle, Heinz, Pepsi, ITC, HDFC Bank and Microsoft.
They have 5 advisors on board who are having expertise in AI, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud Computing, Retail Industry, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Finance etc. They are lacking in Blockchain experience.
The Roadmap is well-framed with their milestones till 2019. The MVP is available for this project.
They have partnered with SRL, Ontrack Systems and Select Training & Management Consultancy.

For Detailed Information
Website – https://www.talentchain.com/
Whitepaper – https://www.talentchain.com/content/White_Paper.pdf

Bitcointalk Username – ritikagupta
Bitcointalk URL – https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1375471
ETH Address – 0xA6119b0AF2EC4A3e8A64f8ADA1dBF152f06eC392