SOBIT – Decentralized User-Owned Exchange Platform

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Sobit is a Blockchain based decentralized network providing a digital asset trading platform which enable their users to participate, create value, reap the benefits of it under the community of platform. You must require SBT token to utilize the Sobit Platform.

Problem & Solution
The main problem is in the traditional trading system where people are facing issues in exchanging because of high cost, lower efficiency and insecure data storage which are usually common in centralized organizations.
The solution where Sobit is come up with their idea to decentralize trading platform and providing p2p transactions, coordination and collaboration in a distributed system that trusts each other which solves above problems.

SBT has primarily focused on Trans-fee Mining, Community Awards and Institutional Private Placements.

  1. Shareholding & Community Autonomy – Here, users can hold their SBT token in Sobit Exchange. This providing services of Dividend, Rights & Obligations and Community Autonomy.
    Dividend – Here, if user holds SBT token which accounts for 1% of the circulating supply then user get 1% of the dividend right.
    Rights & Obligations – Here, users get quasi-equity rights by holding SBT tokens. According to the bifurcation, users holds less than 1000 SBT tokens then they did not enjoy any right where users hold their tokens in between 1000 to 20,000 then they get only dividend rights to enjoy. At last, when user holds more than 20,000 SBT tokens then they get all types of quasi-equity rights to enjoy.
    Community Autonomy – Here, they developed a community platform where community rewards funds and related services is being distributed under the community. The community developers, teams and individuals get rewards for their contributions to the community.

  2. Trans-fee Mining – This is an excellent service they are providing where users get 80% of the transaction fee in the form of SBT token.

The Team
Hong Dong – CEO – He’s a senior product expert and having good experience in product design.
Lancelot – COO – He’s an intellectual, almost have read all the books and his meeting is always full of new knowledge and fun. He’s is the guarantee for the success of their team.
Adam – CTO – He’s a mad programmer, obsessed with the efficiency of program under extreme conditions. He’s having expertise in Web Development and Programming.
Silvia – Investor Relation – She’s a mystery woman who is well versed with finance. She’s having expertise in financial industry.

Token Matrix
Token – SBT
Total Supply – 10 Billion SBT
Price – 0.00025 ETH
Soft Cap – $1M USD
Hard Cap – $5M USD

Social Media Reach
Twitter – 3.3k+ Followers –
Telegram – 7.2k+ Members –

The Social media hype is good, and they are very much active on their Telegram Group.
The Website is provided with a very short information about the project where Whitepaper is well-explained and easy to understand.
There are 7 core members in the leadership team who are having expertise in Product Designing, Programming, Finance, UI Designer, Marketing and PR.
The Roadmap is not provided with the detail information and they have their milestones till 2019. Currently, MVP is not available.

For Detailed Information
Website –
Whitepaper –

Bitcointalk Username – ritikagupta
Bitcointalk URL –;u=1375471
ETH Address – 0xA6119b0AF2EC4A3e8A64f8ADA1dBF152f06eC392