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What is Xaya

The facet of gaming have changed through the years from simple text-based games like Zork to virtual reality games. Unfortunately, the current centralized trend of developing video games is too time-consuming and expensive, this is especially true to games that needed servers like online games, i.e; MMORPG and such.

Fortunately, technology also advances with time, and the technology known as the "blockchain" is starting to change the face of a great number of industry, including the video game industry. And, one of the most proactive in this regard is Xaya

Xaya, formerly known as Chimaera wanted to create true blockchain gaming where games can run without a server, free from censorship, and is unstoppable. As mentioned earlier, game development is a very time-consuming and expensive endeavor. Xaya understand this predicament and therefore, developed a platform that would change that.

Xaya will allow developers to save on cost as online games now used the blockchain instead of a costly and expensive server, and infrastructure. Also, Xaya enables developers to cut down on time when conceptualizing, developing and releasing games, as it is decentralized and is not littered with problems and limitations present on a centralized industry.

When playing online games, sometimes player experienced downtime due to maintenance or other technical difficulties. When that happened, players need to wait for hours or if the problem persist even days to be able to play again. Not so with Xaya, and blockchain based games, as this games are serverless and will have 100% uptime, so players can play and enjoy their games anytime they wanted.

True Virtual Asset Ownership

Virtual assets are assets that are acquired when playing games, like armors, weapons, gold, or rare items. Players own this virtual assets and could do anything they wanted with it, or at least, that's how it should be. Unfortunately, despite the facts that this virtual assets are supposedly player owned, the players are not truly allowed to disposed of this assets however they wanted.

For example, most online games does not allow the buying or selling of these virtual assets using real life currency. And, if the player persist on doing so, and are caught they would be immediately banned! This is ridiculous considering that it is through the players persistance and hardwork that they acquired this items.

Another issue is that when the server shutdown for good, and thus invalidating all of the work put to gather and accumulate those assets. This danger is ever present on all online games operated by a centralized third party and there is absolutely nothing a player could do but move to a new game

Xaya and blockchain based online games do not have such limitations. On Xaya platform the players truly owned these virtual assets and are free to do anything as they pleases with them. The blockchain's true goal is freedom, and Xaya understand this concept very well.


Gamers/Players = Miners

As a blockchain based platform with their very own token called the CHI token, the players of a Xaya based online games are actually its miners. Yes, rare and scarce items inside a blockchain based games have actual real life value, Xaya termed this as human mining.

The Xaya economy revolves around this, and the CHI token. In simpler term players are actually paid for playing! Yes, you read it right, not only are players having fun playing games they are actually being paid for doing so!

And, this have been proven by a blockchain based called Huntercoin that is developed and implemented by yes, you guess the same team behind Xaya!

Huntercoin go live in 2013, as an experiment to see if "Human mining" is possible, and if a true economy can exist within a game, and the result was a resounding success. This success encourages the team behind Xaya to fully implement the technology.

Virtual Universe

Creating the ultimate decentralized game is Xaya's ultimate goal. Inside this game is a huge autonomous virtual universe with a real and functioning economics just like in real world. A vast universe where people can be anything they wanted, a universe that anything is possible. And, lastly a universe were efforts paid off.

Such a virtual universe might seemed far off in the future but with Xaya such a universe is just s matter of time. It might be ambitious but Xaya is a platform that will make this virtual universe a reality.

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