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RE: Is it time for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology to shine?

in #blockchain4 years ago

I am very positive on crypto, but I can't help but feel it will still remain outside of the mainstream until things are simplified for average users.


@rhyscn you raise a very excellent point. With most radical tech- it doesn't hit mainstream; not because of it lacks utility but because of its lack of high-level user-friendly interface. Let's take Steem for example, Steem has a scalability issue not a utility issue. Who wouldn't want to get paid for posting content which they do everyday on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.... but it takes the average user 1-2 weeks to get their login...

Yes that is very true. I almost gave up on steemit after waiting 3 weeks just to be approved, I thought there was some problem with my registration.

this is what electroneum aims to do!

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