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“It seems that I ever saw this kind of Whitepaper before”. Have you ever encountered such situation? We figured out there are more and more plagiaristic Whitepaper existed since launching ICO projects becomes popular. We found some examples of plagiaristic Whitepaper.

  1. Title Page Plagiarism

STC vs ICR Same font, same version, same logo with different color

STC vs ICR Cover Page

ABT vs ACT Similar logo, same slogan

ABT vs ACT Cover Page

MTK vs CLR Same content type

MTK vs CLR Cover Page

  1. Table of Contents Plagiarism

PRTS vs SCI Same content

PRTS vs SCI Table of Contents

VSM vs COI Same content except deleting few chapters & replacing some project information

VSM vs COI Table of Contents

AID vs MTE Same content with different sequence

AID vs MTE Table of Contents

  1. Content Plagiarism

STC vs ICR Copy content except picture, we could see that ICR Whitepaper shows blank picture when they couldn’t copy the STC’s picture.

STC vs ICR Content

AID vs MTE Same introduction of Platform except replacing project name and deleting inserted picture.

AID vs MTE Content

BTC vs SUS Same abstract with same title

BTC vs SUS Content

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