The highest Gas fee of Ethereum game Dragonereum is over 2ETH per transaction

in #blockchain5 years ago

RatingToken found that the Ethereum game Dragonereum was launched recently.

There have been 5,868 transactions, of which 998 successful transactions occurred in the acquisition of Dragon Egg ClaimEgg. The average Gas transaction fee for the game is 154.8 times the normal transaction fee, and the maximum fee for the game exceeds 2 ETH per transaction. The highest transaction fee is over 6 ETH from Fomo3D. The hacker successfully attacked it to obtain bonuses using the Gas Limit limit to implement transaction blocking. RatingToken warns that you should pay more attention on implement transaction blocking while playing games. We hope that the scalability of Ethereum L1 or L2 will bring breakthroughs in the development of Ethereum applications.

According to the white paper and editor's experience of playing this game, this game is worth to study if you are interested.


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