Small-scale "migration" shows on Ethereum games, collection games may break out

in #blockchain5 years ago

According to RatingToken, the average daily number of all contracts on Ethereum is 1712.71 this week, which is 12.5% lower than previous period number of 1957.42. The daily average number of ERC721 contract is 5.42, which was 153.33% higher than previous period number of 2.14. Daily average number of ERC20 contract is 186.57, an increase of 16.81% over previous period number of 159.71.

According to the analysis of RatingToken, the life cycle of Fomo3D games is short, and the climax phase lasts less than 2 hours. On the contrary, collection game introduces gameplay such as cultivation, variation and battle, which enriches the game's diversity and improves user experience, this will help a lot to prolong game life cycle, collection game may break out in the future.

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