The Virtual You VS the Strawman...!!!

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The "Virtual You" VS the Strawman.

I have been getting lots of gentle “Hints” that its time to write about a reality that is related in a small way to the New Financial system, and this is the Virtual You.

Side note: The term “Virtual You” I adopted form Don Tapscott because it’s an excellent descriptor and I do not have anything better at the moment.

A way of looking at the “Virtual You’ idea is connected with the Star Trek type economy. Also with the New Financial System the first steps Humans are stepping into. The Star Trek economy is a very easy way to point to a type of economy where its based in access to resources. There is no money, people have what they need that is not based in lack or subsistence, and individuals are in the process of understanding what its like to get along with one another, as well as other cultures that are not necessarily from the planet they grew up on. This type of system is based in Equity, and its not based in Equality.

In this world, there is a “Virtual You”. Its not a copy of you, but it is an aspect of “You”. This “Virtual You” goes around cleaning up and collecting all the data that “You” create and leave behind as “You” go through your day and life. When “You” make a journal entry, when “You” pay a bill, when “You” look at any kind of an account, when “You” tune into a particular radio station, when you reach out to your family, community, or culture “You” are connected with.

All these activities leave traces and threads behind and are directly connected with “You”. This is a function of this world and is an organic way the world works. It helps “You” function as in individual and helps differentiate “You” from another individual. An easy way to see this is when “You” log on to Face Book, on line bank account, or similar. There is a logon name and password that helps not only to differentiate that it is the “You” thats connected to a particular account. But is also verification that it is indeed “You” who is leaving thoughts or pictures of cats and unicorns behind. This “Virtual You” keeps track of all this information. The account and password helps keep “You” connected with all the information the “Virtual You” collects and tracks.

The paradox in this is that everything that is collected by the “Virtual You” is very transparent, a lot more transparent than most of people reading this article would like even begin to imagine or admit to. However the “Virtual You” is Very, Very stingy about what it has collected and what its allowing other People to access. For instance with your finances, “You” want the teller at a bank to access. “You” want the teller to only access the the amount of information about your account, so “You” can do your business or have a question answered. “You” don’t need to the teller to know what you had for breakfast, what color your underwear is, any of your medical history, ect. However “You” do want the teller to have very direct, fast, and transparent access to the information in the account your asking about that’s connected with “You”.

This is the same with the medical field. You want the Doctors and other medical personnel to have very fast, direct, and transparent access to your medical history so they can make a clear determination in how to help “You” or a loved one. And only the medical people who are involved in that process.

Its easy to see how this works in the digital world of computers and internet. However this “Virtual You” has been around a lot longer than the digital age has been around. When you write a journal entry, or paper for a class. When you publish a book, piece of music, or blueprint design. When you pray, meditate, or make an invocation. The “Virtual You” is collecting all of this stuff.

The big question at hand is who is in control of the “Virtual You” and who can access to what the “Virtual You” has collected and tracked. In the Star Trek economy the individual is primarily in control of the “Virtual You”. There is an inherent understanding that each individual is allowing others to only access the data that is needed. Also the systems in place in the Star Trek world help support that foundation. Its going to take a bit for people to get there, but its already started. The Hurdle is how do people evolve into that kind of connectedness, when they are coming out of the mess that’s currently in place.

The hurdle that has been in place and active is because “You” have not had control over the “Virtual You”. Its been in control of the intermediaries, the Co-Opters, the State, and all other entities that want control over every aspect of what the “Virtual You” has been collecting. The version of the “Virtual You” “They” have had is called the Strawman.

It works like this: Say someone is born into this world. There is going to be a Birth Record which is an organic part this world. The Virtual You collects this information. It’s the same if you and someone else become connected in a committed relationship, or in the participation of creating another individual. There is a record pointing to the relationship commitment, or that you are participating in the creation of another individual. The “Virtual You” is collecting this information, as well as sharing this information with the other persons “Virtual You” and visa versa. This is the same with the death record of when you leave your body. The “Virtual You” becomes fixed and becomes another kind of record of whats happened.

The same would be the case when you have some kind of approval for driving a car, or doing a particular job like welding, mechanics, being a medical professional, ect. It’s a record of competency that “You” have a certain knowledge and are functional with that knowledge.

So again the “Virtual You” is not a problem at all, is a necessary part of what this world is about, and helps with how “You” function.

The problem that has been in play for a long time is something called the Strawman. This is an overlay of the different records that were mentioned before, except “You” are not in control over this overlay. The Overlay shows up in the form of a Certificate, License, Title ect.

In a tangible understanding a Certificate, License, Title ect. Is a legal claim on an item or person. And these legal claims are monetized, then traded out on the stock market. The catch is that “You” do not benefit in any way shape or form from whats being traded or have any say about that process. Its also locked down so that you have no access whats so ever to the Strawman.

A very good example of what this this legal claim looks like is the difference between a Deed and a Title. A deed is actual ownership of a designated piece of property (meaning you are a direct caretaker of a piece of property, are going to be utilizing the property in a useful way, and have taken on all responsibility that comes along with this. A title is a legal claim on that same property, however you are not an owner, you only have a legal claim of ownership. The touch stone is this, try getting the actual deed for a piece of property,, thats impossible. Even getting the actual Title is impossible. You can only get a receipt of the title. If you thought that was bad, try to get a copy of yours or your childs birth record, let alone the actual birth certificate. You can only obtain a receipt of a birth certificate.

Many people for years have been looking into the issue with the Strawman and trying to figure out how to bypass or resolve this issue. Primarily this has taken place through the Sovereignty movement or arena. There has been some fantastic and brilliant work that has taken place. There are other arenas where this kind of work has taken place, but the Sovereignty movement is a good one to look to for more information about the Strawman and what it is.

Where its time to evolve out of the something like the Sovereignty Movement. Is in trying to kill off the Strawman. The problem with that is that if you try to kill off the Strawman, you are also trying to kill off the “Virtual You” as well. Because the Strawman is an overlay and it’s a copy. It is basically a virus that functions with in a legal form.

So if this is the case, how you remove the virus and leave the “Virtual You” intact. One of the ways to remove the Strawman, that is a Legal Virus, is this. The legal virus is completely dependent on the function of the system it exists in. If people evolve out of the need for that system, your “Virtual You” evolves out of the overlay that is the Strawman, and is no longer effected by the Strawman.

This is easier said than done. However one of the best starting places is with the financial system because the strawman is not only a Legal Virus, it is also an instrument that is monetized. Its also one of the foundation instruments to keep the “Virtual You” tied to the control system.

There is movement that is already happening and in play to evolve people out of these control systems. So things like the “Virtual You” can function as originally intended.

A couple of the ways this evolvement is taking place:
One is moving to a gold backed currency. It has to do with what the perceived value a currency is attached to. Its not a finality, but it is a good first step that people get. Peg the currency to something like gold, and you take a step away from the need of the Strawman instrument for the value. Gold is ultimately a dumb thing, however people get it. Also you cannot lose the attention of your audience in this transition. Gold will only be used for a short time because there will be more evolved ways to facilitate exchange that are already being developed.

Another is with the Blockchain. It in its self is a type of accounting system. A way of validating and verifying when exchange happens. This goes far beyond the exchange of finances, and into communication, time stamping, ect. If you have transparency to most exchanges that take place, you can see instruments like the Strawman for what they are and who is really in control of that instrument. The Blockchain is a temporary solution, but like gold, it is one that people get. Like gold, Blockchain is ultimately very time and energy consuming. But because it is very effective, this makes its value to accomplish this job worth using, till it is no longer needed and something better is in place.

Underlying a lot of what I have written about in this article are a couple things. One of which is “what is privacy” or better “what is the stability of being an individual connected with other individuals who are living in the same world together”. IE: The more something like your “Virtual You” is able to do the job it was intended to do in the first place without being controlled by an outside entity, the greater you inherently (or without a lot of questions) “Know” “You” as an individual. The more you are connected inherently with “You”, the clearer you are able to see another individual in who they are.

Another aspect in getting the “Virtual You” flying on its own again. The Strawman is designed to make “You” into one thing,, A Commodity. Even though “You” know “You” are an individual. If the world constantly bombards you with messages that you are a commodity. All the systems in your world communicate “You” are a commodity (look to the legal, financial, medical, education, governmental, and all other systems). Coupled with a huge amount of people in the world that have bought into these systems and use the language that not only they, but everyone else is a commodity. Its not a very far stretch to see how this idea of being a commodity is perpetuated, and has been for a long time.

This is a huge mess Everyone is stepping out of, and there are going to be a lot of challenges. Primarily, things like the Strawman have been in place in the world most people were born into and are not aware of anything else.

Its time to move forward to where ever Everyone will be moving to.
Much Love..

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