Walmart: Blockchain Food Tracking Test Results Are 'Very Encouraging'

in #blockchain5 years ago

Last week  the giant Global retail Walmart presented a report on its works on blockchain based supply chain applications.  Walmart has also a relation to work together with IBM and Tsinghua University of Beijing. Recently they want to particularly focus on China's massive pork market.  And announced recently that they are going to apply the blockchain technology to its various sectors. Now, Walmart is looking at blockchain as a tracking solution for unmanned delivery vehicles.

According to the presentation report of the Walmart -

 "This is just the start of our blockchain exploration. We plan to  continue to test the technology, by including more data attributes, for  example. And we will continue to test how we can use it to improve food  traceability and transparency by collaborating with others throughout  the supply chain. This means farmers and suppliers and other retailers." 

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