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Opinion matters and the response to the opinions also matters and contributes to the growth of a company. When companies are busy updating themselves there is something the business worms tend to miss which has a paramount potential towards attaining the mission of a company or institution. It is not that easy for a company to identify the right customer who has actually an experience on his product developed or service provided. To avoid wandering and to reach the right customer for his experience and suggestions on a particular product there needs a platform that values and connects them together. In order to make such interactions to happen between the consumers and the companies, a group of experts have come up with a new project called Easy Feedback. Easy Feedback enables the consumers to give their feedback on a product or service provided with wonderful benefits to the feedback providers.

What does Easy Feedback mean?


Easy Feedback is a platform that encourages and bridges the consumer and company interaction through feedback. One important thing that companies miss paying attention to is nothing but feedback. There is always this gap existing between them that has caused many companies to dip zone. Being a company it is most important to listen to the feedback to enhance and take the product to the next level. Any customer who has experienced a bitter or better experience with a company are free to give feedback on the particular company which is directly read by the concerned team of that particular company. Easy Feedback team ensures the right feedback reaching the right receiver with its strong verification team.

Rewards system:

Feedback is a valuable phenomenon that equivalents the rise and fall of a company. It helps in improvising, resolving practical issues, enabling customer satisfaction seamlessly. To encourage the consumers in participating and improvising the products or services they consumed, Easy Feedback platform rewards them with Easy Feedback Token (EFT) which is powered by blockchain technology. As a consumer, your valuable feedback and suggestions matters and gets amazing rewards too. By this way, making the platform profitable and revenue sharing model.

How do the companies benefit?

Easyfeedback.com is built on an intention to support business on their growth to restore the quality of their product or services through valuable feedback from the consumers. In order to make it easy, they have developed a tool called Easy Feedback Pro which helps the company as an individual to care for their customers and stands for improvisation of the company and satisfaction of its consumers as well. It acts as a listening channel which brings solution to the customer in need and thereby records the area to be focused on for optimization. It has a cloud base to record the incidents history which makes the consumer feel at home environment in the platform to open their minds. In simple words, it creates a private space for the company to care and curdle with their consumers.


The users can easily purchase the Easy Feedback Tokens on http://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/. The KYC and AML verification process for the users will be done by the easy feedback team. The EFT holders can exchange the EFT's for other cryptocurrencies in the market at P2PB2B and Tokpie exchanges.


Token Allocation:

Sale - 75.42%(1,351,000,000 EFT)
Sale bonus - 13.45%(240,900,000 EFT)
Rewards - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)
Lottery draw - 1.67%(30,000,000 EFT)
Advisors - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)
Referrals - 3.52%(63,000,000 EFT)
Online store bonus - 0.75%(13,510,000 EFT)

For more information about purchasing the tokens, please visit www.easyfeedbacktoken.io

Core Team Members:


Roadmap of Easy Feedback Token:



Being the new and unique platform in the tech world which rewards the consumers with valuable tokens and also supports the companies and institutions to communicate with their right consumers, this project is helping various companies across the globe in building a transparent and trustworthy long lasting relationship with the customers by attending their feedback. The team members with their clear vision for a better future and better world are in progress in taking this easy feedback token platform to next levels. Hence, it is a smart choice to invest in this by buying easy feedback tokens, thereby being a part of a revolution which this project is already making. For more and latest information, kindly visit www.easyfeedbacktoken.io

For more information
Website: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/en
Whitepaper: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Easy_Feedback_Token_EFT_WhitePaper_en.pdf
OnePaper: https://www.easyfeedbacktoken.io/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Easy_Feedback_Token_OnePaper_en.pdf
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