In the BECK 2018

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In July 26-27, The BLOCKCHAIN EXPO KOREA 2018(BCEK 2018) is opened at the BPEX in Busan. There was many blockchain companies attended for hope to improve and further develop of blockchain. Here is intro of the BCEK 2018 -

Blockchain taking center stage as the core future new technology of the 4th industrial revolution is a compound of block and chain. Block is a way to safely keep the trading book, that is the data. Today is moving from the information internet era to the asset internet era. The philosophy of the blockchain technology to be the most important core technology is the dispersion management not the central control and the transparent information sharing. The blockchain technology is being utilized in various fields now and the blockchain technology will very extensively influence the trade between company and company, company and consumer, and consumer and consumer so cause a huge change to the worldwide economy and financial system, and the blockchain-related market will grow rapidly.