Digital Gold Project - Buying, Storing, Selling The GOLD On The Blockchain

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The new era, Digital Gold!

The digital tide in gold is at a nascent stage, with about two tonnes of gold stored at vaults on an outstanding basis, although the total number of consumers utilizing the electronic mode to buy gold is estimated at about 80 million. This is due to the fungibility that the merchandise offers and that there aren't any storage hassles. It is an interesting time plus digital must be the way ahead but it can't be about a regulatory infrastructure that's hanging on a thread that is loose. Digital gold can, in fact, become the largest Ponzi scheme in India when a self-regulatory mechanism isn't framed straight away.

Buying gold digitally isn't merely the simplest but also the cheapest way to buy gold. The fact, digital gold has nil storage price and it's as fungible as with gold. This means you could sell it or perhaps use it as a security. It's estimated that there are 80 million clients (there might be overlap because there will be users transacting through numerous programs) who've transacted on several different platforms and collectively have custody of almost two tonnes of gold.

Digital Gold Project Is Here

What is Digital Gold Project? Digital gold is a very innovative project. This project is here to answer the inevitability of a changing era from the traditional way to a digital era.
Today, People want the ease and security of investing in gold. Many companies out there offer digital gold but the fact is they still use obsolete methods. Digital gold is different from others. Using blockchain technology to make buying and selling gold easily.

What's the features?

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GOLD tokens have some interesting features, in general, I will explain as below:

Buy Gold Instantly

To find the way of purchasing the gold it's not a hard way. The GOLD token is what you need, Using GOLD Token you can easily store yours digitally with full anonymity and guaranteed protection of yours from high volatility and loss of its value.
Digital GOLD issued a token that runs on Ethereum blockchain, it's an ERC20 token based. called GOLD Token. Every GOLD token created using the Ethereum smart contract and the number of tokens in circulation always equals the total amount of gold bullion held in the vault. This way is a convenient and instant way for storing, buying, selling or do some transfer investment-grade gold.

Secure and Real Price

It's a guarantee the value that 1 TOKEN is equal to 1 GRAM OF GOLD 99.99 PURITY. This back for your security assets values. The GOLD token is truly backed by physical gold stored in a secure vault. The gold stored is audited in real-time and can be verified online. so no risk and doubt for that.

Trusted and High liquidity

The token holder can immediately buy or redeem the token in the site. Token issuer business is a liquidity provider allowing sale and purchase of a massive number of tokens very near market prices.

Zero transaction fees

This is one of the advantages of Digital GOLD project. As I mentioned above, The Gold Token runs on the ethereum blockchain this way causing no fees on transactions. User can make as many payments as they want to. GOLD Token can be used as part of your daily routine or regular business transactions also.

Privacy protection

Not everyone is welcome with the publicity, Even in gold ownership anyone wishes to keep the identity unpublished. This is for you,
The GOLD Token holder is private. To purchase or sell any amount of GOLD, you just need to provide a destination wallet address, in this case, you need an ethereum wallet. As simple as that!

This is the best way for you to make an investment. Gold is an exceptional advantage. exceptionally liquid, yet scarce - it is a luxury good as far as an investment. Gold is no one's accountability and conveys no counterparty risk. Therefore, it may play an essential role in an investment portfolio.

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