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  • In this material you will learn about the latest model of the game platform, working in real time. It is called BlockBurn, and the platform has revolutionized the gaming industry, changing the usual model of gaming contacts to a unique in its characteristic decentralized system. In this way, the paradigm of online gaming is changing dramatically.

On the stock exchange ChainX was sold tokens, the total amount was about five hundred thousand dollars. This is only the first placement. On the second placement will be allocated tokens for the amount that is already seven hundred thousand dollars. For investors this is a great opportunity to get a good income, and in a short time.


BlockBurn gaming network is an exclusive decentralized arena for players and for those who like to watch the games. The basis of the platform is the BlockBurn gaming network. It uses ERC 20 token in its activities. It allows for a significant increase in translation and calculation speed.

Since the basic structure of the platform is a blockchain, every movement in the system is completely transparent. Any type of transaction is visible to all users. It is impossible to make fraudulent operations, to carry out fraud. The platform fully guarantees security and transparency of the transaction within it.


  • The platform functions 24 hours a day, there are no interruptions. Everything is aimed to ensure that users can count on excellent service quality. In addition, it is all done to ensure that as many users as possible join the gaming platform.

Every new player and those who already play on the platform can count on a variety of bonuses and offers. The development team introduces systems to encourage and reward everyone who plays or takes part in the development of society. Bonuses will also be those who help to promote game products in the network and attract new players.


Everyone who plays on the platform gets the best. These are games with cool graphics, smooth animation, tricked-out graphic effects, easy and convenient navigation on the platform. Thanks to this, the platform is different from all the others present on the market gaming platforms for the best.

Why was a blockchain chosen for the platform? It has its own specific features, and it allows the platform to use a simple and transparent accounting system, to conduct transactions as quickly and accurately as possible. In addition, the blockchain provides security, which is especially important for players.

Blockchain is based on the principles of crowdsourcing, and thus allows many users to join together and contribute to the development of the system. Blockchains also provide autonomy to the player, and guarantee absolute transparency of all elements of the system. It is also worth mentioning that blockchain helps to improve security for each of the users. Due to this, the system has high bandwidth, and transfers are fast and cheap.


  • In addition, blockchain gives players the opportunity not to worry about the actions of cheaters, which are now very much in the network. Players' funds are fully protected from hacking. You do not need to use the services of intermediaries and pay them for it.

What can the players get?

The BlockBurn platform provides security for anyone who intends to work on it. Every transaction is tamper-proof and completely transparent. The platform is easy to use even for beginners. Smart contracts rule out fraudulent activity. By using decentralized applications, players can be rewarded for helping to promote the community and the entire platform.

  • Using smart contracts, users can exchange, sell and purchase tokens and game products. It can be said that the platform has indeed become a breakthrough in the gaming industry, and the rest will have to work hard to reach its level.

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Perfectly. See what happens. Liked the project

Promote blockchain to the masses. It's the right thing

Thank you for such a detailed review. For the first time I learned about the project from you, I will follow it in the future

One of the good options today. I really liked the project concept.

I have been watching the team for a long time,they know their business 100%

Very interesting project, I advise you to see

Each review is very easy to perceive, perfectly set out thoughts

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