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Hello, everyone! In my review today I will tell you about the newest model of online gaming platform, which I am sure you will have to taste! The platform is called blackburn! BlockBurn is generating a real gaming furore, completely changing the traditional model of gaming interaction to a modernized decentralized gaming system. This completely changes the paradigm of existing online gaming.

BlockBurn gaming network is a completely new decentralized arena for gamers and fans alike. The BlockBurn platform is based on the Etherium blockchain and uses the Egs 20 token in its work, which gives a significant advantage in computing speed and transaction throughput.

All movements inside the game currency are absolutely transparent due to the peculiarities of BlockBurn technology. In practice, this means that all transactions will be visible in the palm of your hand, no one will be able to steal, swipe or twist anything. BlockBurn - It is a guarantee of security of honesty and transparency of transactions.

  • The platform runs continuously 24/7 with no lunch breaks or weekends in order to provide better customer service and constantly improve and improve it to attract more players.

For all new players and regulars, there are exclusive offers and bonuses from BlockBurn

Also following the platform's marketing policy of expanding the gaming space, developers are implementing incentive and reward systems for players and active community members who will actively participate in expanding the platform's gaming space and promoting its gaming products.

All players will be able to take part in the life of the platform. everyone can find a lot of advantages and advantages: a simple and clear structure inside the gaming market. games with stunning graphics and interesting gameplay, smooth animation, amazing graphic effects and intuitive navigation inside the platform. all this distinguishes Blackburn from other market players.

Now let's take a look at why the gaming platform is blocked and how it is applied.

Blockchain features in the gaming industry allow Blockchain to deploy distributed and transparent metering technology that provides significant computing power and scalability, accuracy, seamless and security at minimal cost than if the system were built on traditional archaic technologies. Blockchain is built on the principle of crowdsourcing and brings people together to solve common problems and achieve common goals.

Blockchain is based on the principle of decentralization, so BlockBurn, by implementing it in the game system, gives autonomy to users and players and provides full transparency in all aspects of the game system. In financial aspects, blockchain offers a much higher level of security for users and allows you to organize a payment system with higher bandwidth, which makes payments faster, cheaper and safer through smart contacts.

The use of blockchain technology allows to warn players against fraudsters and to protect users' funds from theft. Moreover, when using blockchain capabilities, there is no need for intermediary services and guarantor services anymore, as the transactions are fully transparent and secure. Smart contracts allow you to turn inside gaming transactions from a lottery into a pizza order at home - it is just as easy and safe!

What do Blackburn platform users get?

The BlockBurn platform provides security for all users and all transactions within the platform. Easy to use. Smart contracts are concluded between players to comply with the terms of transactions and eliminate the possibility of cheating. Decentralized Dapp applications allow you to reward users for certain useful actions. Through them, users can buy and sell their tokens and pay them as inside the game currency.

  • And thanks to smart contracts, players will be able to exchange buy and sell inside the game items and ammunition without fear of deception or fraud.

Details about the company

The BlockBurn platform will conduct the initial exchange sale of coins on the CHAINX exchange. The terms of the sale are from February 17, 2020 to March 16, 2020. In order to participate, it is necessary to register on the exchange and the ALC identification procedure. The company intends to create interesting and dynamic online games with a rapidly growing audience and does not put the pursuit of profit at the centre of the campaign. That's why BlockBurn aims to become not just another gaming site, but a convenient and safe service for players and investors.

What are the benefits of the BlockBurn platform

The BlockBurn gaming platform runs a regular lottery among platform users and everyone with their native lottery account.

BlockBurn is also a gaming investment platform that allows you to receive dividends. In practice, this means that users of this platform can earn more. Players can earn passively by betting on games, while investors can earn passively by investing in tokenBurn. The blackburn platform also allows game and software developers to earn.

Team Vision

The vision of the team is to allow players to easily and quickly find and play great games, and developers can easily distribute their games through this platform. The in-game currency and basic unit of account within the platform will be the utility token BURN. The tokenBURN will be used for financial functions as well as for reward and betting. The lottery will be simple and transparent, including all games played in the ecosystem.

BURNToken will be widely used in the ecosystem, for example, when purchasing games on the platform or buying paid subscriptions or services, encouraging users to improve the platform.

  • Developers will be able to reward the most active gamers for game testing and feedback. Since tokens are freely traded, users will have no difficulty exchanging inside game currency for fiat money.

Thanks to the Blackburn Gaming Platform, the gaming world will finally be able to come to a common denominator and get rid of a wide variety of shops and services with their own inside game currencies. This in turn will create endless convenience for end users - for you and me!

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Thanks for the review, very tasty amounts on the site

so nice post brother , i am interested in this gaming network . i shall be invest in this network

Great blockchain! Thanks to the author. Very interesting. We will invest

Thanks for the review! After listening to it you do not need to go for more information

The idea is very interesting and useful! I wish only success to the project

Interested in the project, thank you for the review, perhaps join and participate

I thought that the projects on this topic already ended.

And for me it was a normal thing, everything is simple and clear!

And for me it was
A normal thing, everything
Is simple and clear!

                 - aivaryamal

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I also saw something similar but it is a Hackers workbook and teenagers in Austria are already trying it out. So here's it.

Great project , thanks for the review

Short reviews, which highlighted all the most important, it's cool, this format for me, catch like

Great idea! I will invest!) Thanks for the review! More would such projects.

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