Sirin Labs has Foxconn produce 25,000 copies of blockchain smartphone.

in blockchain •  last year

The startup Sirin Labs has ordered 25,000 copies of his blockchain smartphone Finney from Foxconn. The company hopes to sell several hundred thousand copies of the smartphone this year.

Foxconn is going to produce the phone and from October onwards, backers of the crowdfunding campaign will have to get their hands on the smartphone, says Bloomberg on the basis of an interview with the director of Sirin Labs. The Finney is a showcase for Sirin Labs software. It is intended that other manufacturers will use this software. Sirin Labs is in conversation with Huawei.

The smartphone named after crypto expert Hal Finney must distinguish itself from regular smartphones with a built-in hardware wallet, in which users can store tokens. The phone also has support for sharing resources via p2p.

The Finney also has a token security switch and the option of three-stage biometric authentication, a pattern and 'behaviour', although it is unclear how this works. Presumably, the software searches for signals that indicate intruders, such as attempts to install apks, downgrade the baseband, or receive suspicious messages.

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