We Now Support Litecoin

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Our Mobile Wallet Apps (iOS and Android) now support Litecoin (LTC). As part of our recent wallet update, we have introduced support of BIP44 (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal №44). This proposal increases the privacy of your funds and allows you to store and manage multiple cryptocurrencies within the wallet in a unified way using a single mnemonic.

At PumaPay, we are driven by our passion to create crypto usability for businesses and individuals alike. We plan to add support for more popular cryptocurrencies over the coming months. The blockchain indexing infrastructure we deployed will speed up the support of future coins in the wallet.

We are committed to delivering the best app possible. Nonetheless, even the best software may have bugs. If you find any bug, we have a dedicated bug reporting group on Telegram.

We love to hear your feedback, send us an email or contact us on Telegram . You can also connect with us on Facebook and Twitterto stay updated with our latest news.

Visit the PumaPay site for more information about our Payment Solution.


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